Fall_2014 Schedule Audits

*** Critical errors which must be fixed for registration and/or census reporting

          C14: Combined classes with mismatched Status - Fall 2014

          C57: Class Sections where instructor load factors (IFF) do not total 100 - Fall 2014

          C11: Inactive class sections with rooms scheduled - Fall 2014

          C62: Incomplete meeting info - missing room, days, or times - Fall 2014

          C54: Enrolled class sections missing instructors - Fall 2014

          C15: Class sections with no instructor access to grades - Fall 2014

          C07: Online/Hybrid attribute not matching ONL room - Fall 2014

          C61: Classes with ONLINE attribute or ONL room and Face-to-Face Learning Mode - Fall 2014

          C01: Class Section Number errors - Fall 2014

*** Warnings/Advisories - should be checked for curricular or other issues

          W08: Auto Calc for Work load not turned on - Fall 2014

          W10: Classes with Enrl-Cap or Room-Cap-Req greater than historical enrollment + 10 - Fall 2014

          W06: Faculty asignments NOT Included in workload - Fall 2014

          W04: Class meeting hours not matching prescribed mode/units hours - Fall 2014

          W05: Hybrid and Online Class details - Fall 2014

          W01: Invalid class START and/or END times - Fall 2014

          W09: Room Capacity too low for class - Fall 2014

          W03: Partial term meetings occurring Mon-Fri between 0800 and 1700 - Fall 2014

          W07: Waitlist Auto Enroll box is NOT Checked - Fall 2014

*** Course Catalog errors which should be resolved before schedule build

          Y04: Component Type not valid for mode of instruction - Fall 2014

          Y05: S-Factor Classes with high enrollment (>8) - Fall 2014