Summer 2019 Partial Term classes offered as of Thursday, 04/18/2019 at 04:15 PM
sched_ptrmSummer report generated: 18-APR-19
ANTH 302Anthropology of Religion3100105/28-07/19
ART 100Global Perspectives in Art3100205/28-07/19
BA 250Financial Accounting3100505/28-07/19
BA 340Principles of Marketing3100605/28-07/19
-ONLRay Chaudhury,S30723
BA 360Principles of Finance3100705/28-07/19
BA 370Principles of Management3100805/28-07/19
BIOL 102Human Biology3100305/28-07/19
BIOL 102LHuman Biology Lab3100405/28-07/19
ES 308Multi-Ethnic Resistance (U.S.)3101405/28-07/19
ESM 308Ecotopia3101305/28-07/19

FOR 400Forestry in Modern Society3101505/28-07/19
GEOG 300Global Awareness3101605/28-07/19
GEOL 106Earthquake Country3101705/28-07/19
GERM 306Sex/Clss/Cltr Intrl Shrt Story3106705/28-07/19
GSP 101Geospatial Concepts3101805/28-07/19
GSP 101LGeospatial Concepts Lab3101905/28-07/19
GSP 270Geographic Information Science3102005/28-07/19

Geographic Information Science - LAB3102105/28-07/19
GSP 316Cartography3102205/28-07/19

Cartography - LAB3102305/28-07/19
HED 231Basic Human Nutrition3105305/28-07/19
HED 400Sound Mind-Sound Body3105005/28-07/19
HIST 110U.S. History to 18773102405/28-07/19
JMC 302Mass Media and Popular Arts3102505/28-07/19
JMC 309Analyzing Mass Media Messages3102605/28-07/19
LSEE 211Developmental Literacy3108806/17-07/19
-ONLRuiz Gonzalez,MO30624

Developmental Literacy - ACT3108906/17-07/19
-ONLRuiz Gonzalez,MO30624
MUS 104Intro to Music3102705/28-07/19
NAS 104Intro to Nat American Studies3102805/28-07/19
NAS 306Indigenous Peoples of Americas3102905/28-07/19
PSCI 110American Government3103105/28-07/19
PSYC 311Human Development3105105/28-07/19
PSYC 321Intro Behavioral Neuroscience3105205/28-07/19
RS 105World Religions3103205/28-07/19
SPED 740Assmnt & Prog Plng: Sev Dsblts3107106/03-06/28

SPED 741Assmt/Prg Plng Severe Disbilts3107207/01-07/19M-F08:00-11:50OCCollier,DJ20020
SPED 742Curric/Diff Instrn Svre Disbil3107306/03-06/28

SPED 744Comm Mthds:Severe Disabilities3107406/03-06/28

SPED 746Mvmnt & Spcl Hlth Care: Svr Ds3107506/03-06/28

SPED 747Prctm:Mvmnt & Spcl Hlthcre Svr3107606/04-06/06TWR13:30-17:20HGH_227Joseph,EA20020

STAT 108Elementary Statistics3103305/28-07/19
STAT 109Introductory Biostatistics3103405/28-07/19

Introductory Biostatistics - ACT3103505/28-07/19
SW 101Intro to SW & SW Institutions3104305/28-07/19
WS 306Sex/Clss/Cltr Intrnl Shrt Stry3106805/28-07/19

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