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* Note: All class section counts and enrollments are based on Active State-side classes. For lecture/lab conbinations, only the main enrollment control section is counted so that students are not double-counted in the totals for one course.
There are a few individual class sections which are suppressed from the list of courses and sections due to registration controls. However, these are included in the overall summaries by GE category to help assess capacity needs.
Any missing data for the prior year is most likely due to a change in the GEAR category or else course or course number changes from one year to the next.NOTE:  Active, Main campus class sections, and enrollment type=E

Fall 2017 Major and elective Lab/Activity Lower Div class Seats Available as of 09/22/2017 at 12:00 PM
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Course Title

# Sects




CAHSSANTH 180Cultural Anthropology Lab18120146990

ART 122Life Drawing I15124231990

ART 250Darkroom Photography24124222990

ART 251Photography I442484441980

ART 273Illustration I23124231991

ART 282Jewelry/Small Metals I302363421980

ART 290Ceramics I482484531981

JMC 134Photojournalism & Photoshop20124213990

MUS 112Piano I21125178990

MUS 130Piano III8125178990

MUS 217Ear Training II17125916990

SOC 282LSociological Statistics Lab472484621980

DANC 110Ballet I2511825-7990

DANC 240African Dance241401921990

DANC 243Tap Dance17120200990

DANC 245Middle Eastern Dance24125214990

DANC 247Mexican Folklorico Dance14120173990

TA 121Makeup for Stage and Screen2011617-1990
CNRSBIOL 198BIOL 102 Human Biol Supl Inst89115114990

BIOL 198BIOL 104 Supplemental Instruct89117512990

BIOL 198BIOL 105 Supplemental Instruct8923423111980

BIOL 198BIOL 340 Genetics Supl Inst892342861980

BIOL 255Marine Biology4424830181980

BOT 198BOT 105 Supplemental Instruct1179163151128911

ZOOL 110Introductory Zoology198819219027922

ZOOL 113Human Physiology5124859-111980

ZOOL 198ZOOL 110 Supplemental Instruct594656233961

ZOOL 270Human Anatomy793726932970

CHEM 110General Chemistry II2228192181117923

CS 111Computer Science Foundation 17937559162970

CS 112Computer Science Foundation 22712731-4990

CS 211Data Structures302484081980

CS 235Java Programming

CS 243Architecture402403371981

ENGR 115Intro to Env Resources Engr6937263900

ENGR 210Solid Mechanics Statics4824851-300

ENGR 211Solid Mechanics Dynamics1924235700

ENGR 215Intro to Design2412419500

ENGR 225Comp Methds for Env Engrng I2412427-300

ESM 230Environmental Methods

ESM 253Interpretive Computer Graphics

GSP 270Geographic Information Science180512092284950

FOR 130Dendrology993727202970

FOR 131Forest Ecology492484711980

FOR 170Conclave: Logging Sprts Cmptn50165587990

FOR 210Forest Measurements & Biometry533726662970

GSP 216Introduction to Remote Sensing753726842975

SOIL 260Introduction to Soil Science129512011824952

OCN 260Sampling Techniques/Fld Stdies16124168990

PHYX 110Gen Phyx II: Electricity, Heat352423841980

PHYX 111Gen Phyx III: Thrmdymc & Waves27118171990

WLDF 111Introduction to Wildlife702979521981
CPSPE 112Aikido Beginning3728037431980

PE 113Archery Beginning542605551980

PE 116Basketball6026048121980

PE 119Fitness Fusion8829057331980

PE 125Fencing Beginning151301218990

PE 138Self Defense391402812990

PE 141Soccer Beginning371401129990

PE 144Stretch & Relaxation Technique1373135137-22970

PE 146Fitness Swimming Beginning702706551980

PE 151Ultimate Frisbee Beginning10135728990

PE 157Weight Training Ind/Beginning1311500116384990

PE 158Strength Fitness2976360283775940

PE 192Latin Dance361503713990

PE 196Swing Dance33150437990

PE 224Women's Rowing, Beginning331554114990

PE 241Soccer Intermediate401401228990

PE 251Ultimate Frisbee Intermediate91401327990

PE 253Pilates

PE 259Yoga2364200203-33962

PE 263Intermediate Yoga231503119990

PE 289Disc Golf177140238990

PE 289Somatic Meditation177150482990

PE 289Ultimate Kickboxing1771703436990

PSYC 241Intro Psych Statistics774805921160

PSYC 242Intro Psych Research Design704806911161