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* Note: All class section counts and enrollments are based on Active State-side classes. For lecture/lab conbinations, only the main enrollment control section is counted so that students are not double-counted in the totals for one course.
There are a few individual class sections which are suppressed from the list of courses and sections due to registration controls. However, these are included in the overall summaries by GE category to help assess capacity needs.
Any missing data for the prior year is most likely due to a change in the GEAR category or else course or course number changes from one year to the next.NOTE:  Active, Main campus class sections, and enrollment type=E

Fall 2017 Major and elective Lecture/Seminar Lower Div class Seats Available as of 09/22/2017 at 12:00 PM
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Course Title

# Sects




ALLUSP 117EOP Transfer Student Seminar1712635-9990
CAHSSANTH 235Act to End Sexualized Violence8115510990

COMM 214Persuasive Speaking232544681980

COMM 235Act to End Sexualized Violence131100991990

CRGS 118College Skills7128066141980

CRGS 235Act to End Sexualized Violence301602535990

ENGL 120Intro to English Major5026054600

ENGL 200Academic Wrtg & Revision Wkshp50372363600

ENGL 211Intro Creative Writing

ENGL 215Info Lit and Writers Seminar3011815300

ENGL 220Literature, Identity & Rprsntn39260342600

ENGL 225Intro to Language Analysis48260491100

ENGL 240World Lit20130141600

ENST 120Intro Seminar in Env. Studies39140328990

HIST 180Islamic Societies

HIST 210Historical Methods352505001980

INTL 210Introduction to Int'l Studies241271413990

INTL 220Intro to Cultural Studies25125250990

JMC 120Beginning Reporting432444131980

JMC 125Intro to Journalism Tools38124204990

JMC 150Digital Design16124168990

JMC 154Radio Production25124222990

JMC 156Video Production18124231990

MUS 110Fundamentals of Music3213035-5990

MUS 180Beginning Jazz Improvisation

MUS 215Theory II15130237990

PSCI 220Intro to Political Theory381402614990

PSCI 235Act to End Sexualized Violence1115312990

PSCI 240Intro to Internat'l Relations31140319990

PSCI 280Core Discussion Seminar2124023171980

PSCI 295Political Research & Analysis23123176990

RS 120Exploring Religion24125232990

CRIM 125Introduction to CJS6511207644990

CRIM 225SInequalities/Criminalization

SOC 113Sociology Skills Development37140373990

SOC 201SSocial Issues and Action25127207990

SOC 235Act to End Sexualized Violence11120812990

FILM 260Film Festival15124915990

CHIN 105Chinese Level I15120200990

FREN 105French Level I331351520990

GERM 105German Level I30120182990

SPAN 105Spanish Language & Culture I573756962971

SPAN 280Spanish Retreat Seminar27124186990
CNRSBIOL 180Klamath Connection FYS9024042-21980

CS 212Algorithms

ENGR 280First Year ERE Seminar3013021900

ESM 111Environmental Science Seminar

ESM 210Public Land Use Policy Mgmt

GSP 270Geographic Information Science180124222992

FISH 260Fish Conservation & Management2712028-800

FOR 117Forestry First Year Seminar45148417990

RRS 285Rangeland Resources Seminar911257990

SOIL 285Wildland Soils Seminar411239990

GEOL 210Earth Systems History

MATH 110Calculus II86310176252970

MATH 113College Algebra714147154-73960

MATH 114Trigonometry3513536-1990

MATH 115Algebra & Elementary Functions35814338330813861

MATH 210Calculus III502706371980

MATH 240Intro to Mathematical Thought151301614990

MATH 241Elements Of Linear Algebra18130228990

MATH 253Discrete Mathematics44148453990

PHYX 118College Phyx:Biologic Applictn8618588-3990

WLDF 210Intro to Wldlfe Conserv & Admn791967818990

WLDF 244Wildlife Policy & Animal Welf79172648990
CPSBA 120Business Essentials11511208436990

BA 210Legal Environment of Business1102141128131980

BA 250Financial Accounting693757502970

BA 252Management Accounting692545221980

CD 211Perspectives/Prof Development29127198990

CD 211SPerspectives, Professional Dev111271512990

CD 253Prenatal & Infant Development28127243990

CD 256Middle Childhood Development5525458-41980

ECON 210Principles of Economics1033114100142970

EDUC 110Intro to Education32129272990

EDUC 285Technology Skills for Educator641806218990

HED 231Basic Human Nutrition4313844-6998

KINS 165Foundations of Kinesiology1202200931071980

REC 200Leisure in Society35136306990

REC 210Recreation Leadership3113536-1990

REC 220Leisure Programming261362115990

REC 262Beginning SCUBA

PSYC 236Choices & Changes in Sexuality23148301860

PSYC 240Understanding Research in Psyc54254522100