* Notes: IA=Instructor approval required, DA=Department approval required
* Rsrvd: indicates number of seats reserved for new students during registration for Fall term (up to 35% of seats in lower division general education classes). Unused seats are released to continuing students on July 1st.
* Avail: indicates the total number of seats open to all students. This number may be reduced by enrollments in other cross-listed class sections.
* Wait Cap: indicates the number of waitlist seats available for the class
* Wait Tot: indicates the number of students currently waitlisted for the class (allows departments to determine class demand and may result in opening of class additional sections)
* Sust: classes designated as Sustainability Focused (SF) or Sustainability Related (SR)
* Permanent Text Status: If the particular course is indicated as NONE, there are no required texts. If indicated as FREE, text materials are offered free to students.
* Bookstore Text Info: Link to Bookstore text details for all courses that potentially have required texts.

Generally, students must register in one section from each component type shown for a particular class. For example, BIOL 104 has two lecture sections and several lab sections. Students who register for one of the lecture sections must also register for one of the labs associated with that lecture. Association numbers and section numbers are shown in parenthesis when multiple values exist.