NOTE: These courses are designated as having either no texts required, or free text materials available. This characteristic applies to All individual class sections for these courses.

Fall 2020 Zero Cost Text Courses offered as of Tuesday, 07/07/2020 at 08:15 AM
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Course Title (may vary by class)
AIE 499Independent StudyNONE
ANTH 482Anth Internship/Lab/ResearchNONE
ANTH 499Independent StudyNONE
ART 105C2D FoundationsNONE
ART 105D3D FoundationsNONE
ART 106Painting INONE
ART 107Printmaking INONE
ART 108Graphic Design INONE
ART 109Sculpture INONE
ART 273Illustration INONE
ART 282Jewelry/Small Metals INONE
ART 326Painting IINONE
ART 329Painting IIINONE
ART 330Printmaking: Studio TopicsNONE
ART 337Photography: Studio TopicsNONE
ART 340Graphic Design IINONE
ART 349Jewelry/Small Metals: StudioNONE
ART 367Photography IINONE
ART 372Graphic Design: Studio TopicsNONE
ART 482Museum & Gllry Prctcs IntrnshpNONE
ART 499Directed StudiesNONE
BA 482InternshipNONE
BA 499Directed StudyNONE
BIOL 482Supervised InternshipNONE
BIOL 490Senior ThesisNONE
BIOL 499Directed StudyNONE
BIOL 690ThesisNONE
BIOL 699Independent StudyNONE
CD 257Supervised Work w/ Children INONE
CD 354Methods of ObservationNONE
CD 482Directed Field Exp/InternshipNONE
CD 499Directed StudyNONE
CHEM 495Undergraduate ResearchNONE
COMM 490Capstone ExperienceNONE
COMM 495Field Experience in Speech ComNONE
COMM 499Directed StudyNONE
CRGS 482InternshipNONE
CRGS 491MentoringNONE
CS 499Directed StudyNONE
DANC 103Modern/Contemporary INONE
DANC 103TModern/Contemp. I Skills MaintNONE
DANC 110Ballet INONE
DANC 110TBallet I Skills MaintenanceNONE
DANC 243Tap DanceNONE
DANC 245Middle Eastern DanceNONE
DANC 247Mexican Folklorico DanceNONE
DANC 320Jazz Dance Styles IINONE
DANC 320TJazz II Skills MaintenanceNONE
DANC 389Choreography IINONE
DANC 400BodyworksNONE
DANC 499Directed StudyFREE
EC 615Graduate ColloquiumNONE
EC 690Master's Thesis or ProjectNONE
EC 695Field ResearchNONE
EC 699Independent StudyNONE
ECON 210LSupplemental InstructionNONE
EDL 694Elementary School Admin FldwkNONE
EDL 695Secondary School Admin FldwkNONE
EDUC 690ThesisNONE
ENGL 110Academic Literacy LabFREE
ENGL 482Intern. Tch. Wrtng, Lit, Ling.NONE
ENGL 490Senior Project SeminarNONE
ENGL 499Directed StudyNONE
ENGL 682Internship in Teaching WritingNONE
ENGL 690Master's ProjectNONE
ENGL 699Independent StudyNONE
ENGR 215Intro to DesignNONE
ENGR 299Directed StudyNONE
ENGR 399Supplemental Work in EngrNONE
ENGR 492Capstone Design ProjectNONE
ENGR 498Directed Design ProjectNONE
ENGR 499Directed Study UD EngrNONE
ENGR 690Graduate Thesis Env SystemsNONE
ENGR 699Independent Study Env SystemsNONE
ENST 499ENST Directed StudiesNONE
ESM 482ESM InternshipNONE
ESM 499Directed Study in ESMNONE
ESM 690ThesisNONE
ESM 695Field ResearchNONE
ESM 699Directed StudyNONE
FILM 109Film Comedy Around the WorldFREE
FILM 305Art of Film/Beginning to 1950sFREE
FILM 317Art of Film Disc: Pre 1950sFREE
FISH 260Fish Conservation & ManagementFREE
FISH 314Fishery Science CommunicationFREE
FISH 499Directed StudyFREE
FISH 690ThesisFREE
FISH 695Research Problems in FisheriesFREE
FOR 482InternshipNONE
FOR 490Senior ThesisNONE
FOR 499Directed StudyNONE
FREN 370French Weekend RetreatFREE
FREN 420French Peer TutoringFREE
FWWS 690Thesis ResearchNONE
FWWS 695Field Research ProblemsNONE
FWWS 699Directed StudyNONE
GEOG 105Human GeographyNONE
GEOG 469Geography Field ExperienceNONE
GEOL 399Supplemental Work in GeologyNONE
GEOL 490Senior ThesisNONE
GEOL 499Directed StudyNONE
GEOL 690ThesisNONE
GEOL 699Independent StudyNONE
GSP 101Geospatial ConceptsFREE
GSP 101LGeospatial Concepts LabNONE
HED 120Rspnding to Emergencies-CPRFPRNONE
HED 499Directed StudyFREE
HIST 300REra of WWI, Research SeminarNONE
HIST 398History Career WorkshopNONE
HIST 482Internship in HistoryNONE
HIST 490Senior Seminar in HistoryNONE
HIST 491MentoringNONE
INTL 320Career WorkshopFREE
JMC 105Intro to Mass CommunicationNONE
JMC 120Beginning ReportingNONE
JMC 125Intro to Journalism ToolsNONE
JMC 155KRFH WorkshopNONE
JMC 325Osprey Magazine ProductionNONE
JMC 327Lumberjack News WorkshopNONE
JMC 427Advanced Lumberjack NewsNONE
JMC 482Mass Media InternshipNONE
JMC 499Directed StudyNONE
KINS 456BFitness Assessment/ProgrammingNONE
KINS 482Internship in KinesiologyNONE
KINS 490PracticaNONE
KINS 492Senior Seminar in KinesiologyNONE
KINS 495Directed Field ExperienceFREE
KINS 690Thesis Writing SeminarNONE
KINS 691Comprehensive ExamFREE
KINS 695Directed Field ExperienceFREE
KINS 699Independent StudyFREE
LSEE 499Directed StudyNONE
MATH 499Directed StudyNONE
MUS 106BUniversity SingersNONE
MUS 106EOpera WorkshopNONE
MUS 106HWind EnsembleNONE
MUS 106KJazz OrchestraNONE
MUS 106NHumboldt ChoraleNONE
MUS 106OHumboldt SymphonyNONE
MUS 107CCalypso BandNONE
MUS 107FWoodwind Chamber MusicNONE
MUS 107GGuitar Chamber MusicNONE
MUS 107IIntermediate OrchestraNONE
MUS 107JJazz CombosNONE
MUS 107PPercussion EnsembleNONE
MUS 107QWorld Percussion EnsembleNONE
MUS 107TString Chamber MusicNONE
MUS 107VMadrigal SingersNONE
MUS 220Studio PianoNONE
MUS 221Studio VoiceNONE
MUS 222Studio FluteNONE
MUS 223Studio OboeNONE
MUS 224Studio ClarinetNONE
MUS 225Studio BassoonNONE
MUS 226Studio SaxophoneNONE
MUS 227Studio TrumpetNONE
MUS 228Studio HornNONE
MUS 229Studio TromboneNONE
MUS 230Studio EuphoniumNONE
MUS 231Studio TubaNONE
MUS 232Studio PercussionNONE
MUS 233Studio ViolinNONE
MUS 234Studio ViolaNONE
MUS 235Studio CelloNONE
MUS 236Studio String BassNONE
MUS 237Studio GuitarNONE
MUS 238Studio CompositionNONE
MUS 302Music in World CultureNONE
MUS 340Junior RecitalNONE
MUS 353AccompanyingNONE
MUS 370TString Techniques INONE
MUS 385PPerformance SeminarNONE
MUS 385VPerformance SeminarNONE
MUS 391LPiano Pedagogy LabNONE
MUS 406BUniversity SingersNONE
MUS 406EOpera WorkshopNONE
MUS 406HWind EnsembleNONE
MUS 406KJazz OrchestraNONE
MUS 406NHumboldt ChoraleNONE
MUS 406OHumboldt SymphonyNONE
MUS 407BBrass Chamber MusicNONE
MUS 407CCalypso BandNONE
MUS 407FWoodwind Chamber MusicNONE
MUS 407GGuitar Chamber MusicNONE
MUS 407IIntermediate OrchestraNONE
MUS 407JJazz CombosNONE
MUS 407PPercussion EnsembleNONE
MUS 407QWorld Percussion EnsembleNONE
MUS 407TString Chamber MusicNONE
MUS 407VMadrigal SingersNONE
MUS 420St. Piano, Perf & Mus EdNONE
MUS 421St. Voice, Perf & Mus EdNONE
MUS 426St. Saxophone, Perf & Mus EdNONE
MUS 428St. Horn, Perf & Mus EdNONE
MUS 429St. Trombone, Perf & Mus EdNONE
MUS 432St. Percussion, Perf & Mus EdNONE
MUS 437St. Guitar, Perf & Mus EdNONE
MUS 438Studio Composition, Adv.NONE
MUS 440Senior RecitalNONE
MUS 454Expanded RepertoireNONE
OCN 499Directed StudyNONE
PE 113Archery BeginningNONE
PE 116BasketballNONE
PE 125Fencing BeginningNONE
PE 141Soccer BeginningNONE
PE 144Stretch & Relaxation TechniqueNONE
PE 146Fitness Swimming BeginningNONE
PE 157Weight Training Ind/BeginningNONE
PE 158Strength FitnessNONE
PE 224Women's Rowing, BeginningNONE
PE 251Ultimate Frisbee IntermediateNONE
PE 253PilatesNONE
PE 259YogaNONE
PE 263Intermediate YogaNONE
PE 289Special Topics - ActivityNONE
PE 347Master SwimNONE
PE 360Lifeguard TrainingNONE
PE 420Intercol Men's BasketballNONE
PE 421Intercol Women's BasketballNONE
PE 424Intercollegiate Women's CrewNONE
PE 426Intercol Men/Wmn Cross CountryNONE
PE 438Intercoll Men's/Women's SoccerNONE
PE 444Intercol Women's SoftballNONE
PE 456Intercol Men/Wmn Track & FieldNONE
PE 463Intercol Women's VolleyballNONE
PHIL 499Directed StudyNONE
PHYX 495Undergraduate ResearchNONE
PSCI 280Core Discussion SeminarFREE
PSCI 381SCommunity Leadership in ActionNONE
PSCI 491MentoringFREE
PSYC 311Human DevelopmentFREE
PSYC 485Senior SeminarFREE
PSYC 490Senior Honors ThesisNONE
PSYC 495Research in PsychNONE
PSYC 497MentoringNONE
PSYC 499Independent StudyNONE
PSYC 647Academic Research ProseminarNONE
PSYC 682FieldworkNONE
PSYC 683Grad Tchng AssistantshipNONE
PSYC 684Graduate Teaching InternshipNONE
PSYC 690ThesisNONE
PSYC 692School Psych Portfolio ProjectNONE
PSYC 694Independent StudyNONE
PSYC 695Research PracticumNONE
PSYC 783School Psychology PracticumNONE
PSYC 784School Psychology InternshipNONE
REC 455Internship and Career WorkshopNONE
REC 482Internship in RecreationNONE
REC 495Directed Field ExperienceFREE
REG BIEXBilateral ExchangeNONE
REG CMEnrolled in CourseMatchNONE
REG CMPEnrolled in CourseMatch PBACNONE
REG ICCSU Intrasystem ConcurrentNONE
REG IPCSU International ProgramNONE
REG IVCSU Intrasystem VisitorNONE
REG SA-TPStudy Abroad - Third PartyNONE
RS 105World ReligionsFREE
RS 120Exploring ReligionFREE
RS 300Living MythsFREE
RS 332Introduction to IslamFREE
RS 393Religion in Myth, Cult & ExpFREE
RS 394Religious Studies WorkshopNONE
RS 399Directed StudyFREE
SED 762Sup Fldwrk in Student TchgNONE
SOC 372ProseminarFREE
SOC 472Graduate School PlanningFREE
SOC 482InternshipFREE
SOC 492Senior ThesisFREE
SOC 605Graduate Proseminar in SocFREE
SOC 690Master's Degree ThesisFREE
SOIL 499Directed StudyNONE
SP 121SIssues in Com. VolunteeringNONE
SPAN 313Spanish Peer TutoringFREE
SPAN 315SField Exp: Teaching SpanishFREE
SPAN 492Senior ProjectNONE
SPED 799Directed StudyNONE
SW 582Research I: Phil & MethodsNONE
SW 682Masters Project DevelopmentNONE
TA 104Story Through Word and ImageFREE
WLDF 111Introduction to WildlifeFREE
WLDF 365Ornithology IFREE
WLDF 480Selected Topics Wildlife MgmtFREE
WLDF 482Wildlife ConclaveFREE
WLDF 490Honors ThesisNONE
WLDF 495Senior ProjectFREE
WLDF 499Directed StudyNONE
WLDF 585Seminar in Wildlife ManagementFREE
WLDF 690ThesisNONE
WLDF 695Advanced Field ProblemsFREE