* Audit Description: List of class meetings where the first meetign record contains assignments not included in faculty workload calculations. This list does not include use of the "Not Included in workload" assign type in meeting records after the first one.
This list should be verified to ensure that the department intended to include the instructor without granting any workload credit. If the instructor should receive workload credit, change the Assign Type to "IFF" on the Workload tab in the Instructor block (Meetings tab in the Schedule of Classes).

Departments wishing to use the NON Assign Type (listed as "Not Includ" in the Class Schedule) should contact APS to discuss appropriate use. Use of NON Assign Types must conform to campus policies and practices and must be vetted through APS.

Contact APS at x5086 if you have questions or problems related to this issue.

W106: Faculty assignments NOT Included in workload Fall 2019 - refreshed: 31-OCT-19/15:15
facassign_non2194M report generated: 31-OCT-19







Brown,BNON0100CHEM 1094175111General Chemistry I124
Brown,BNON0100CHEM 1094175212General Chemistry I124
Brown,BNON0100CHEM 1094176431General Chemistry I123
Brown,BNON0100CHEM 1094283932General Chemistry I124
Brown,BNON0100CHEM 1094175033General Chemistry I123
Burrell,DDNON1100CHEM 1074174723Fundamentals of Chemistry125
Cashman,EMNON1100ENGR 1154187010Intro to Env Resources Engr164
Cashman,EMNON1100ENGR 1154187111Intro to Env Resources Engr121
Cashman,EMNON1100ENGR 1154187212Intro to Env Resources Engr120
Cashman,EMNON1100ENGR 1154233813Intro to Env Resources Engr123
Cashman,EMNON1100ENGR 2254188510Comp Methds for Env Engrng I124
Cashman,EMNON1100ENGR 2254188711Comp Methds for Env Engrng I124
Cashman,EMNON1100ENGR 4404194411Hydrology I116
Cashman,EMNON1100ENGR 4404234012Hydrology I118
Duin,PANON1100ENGR 399437384Supplemental Work in Engr15
Eichstedt,JLNON1100SOC 1044128211Introduction to Sociology118
Eichstedt,JLNON1100SOC 1044128312Introduction to Sociology117
Eichstedt,JLNON1100SOC 1044128413Introduction to Sociology124
Eichstedt,JLNON1100SOC 1044128514Introduction to Sociology117
Eichstedt,JLNON1100SOC 225S4129111Social Issues and Action112
Gannett,WJNON1100PHYX 1064183021Col Phyx: Mechanics & Heat126
Gannett,WJNON1100PHYX 1064183122Col Phyx: Mechanics & Heat126
Gannett,WJNON1100PHYX 1064183223Col Phyx: Mechanics & Heat124
Harmon,CWNON1100CHEM 1104177421General Chemistry II121
Harmon,CWNON1100CHEM 1104177522General Chemistry II122
Harmon,CWNON1100CHEM 1104177623General Chemistry II121
Henderson,LANON100100SOC 3034129710Race & Inequality145
Jackson,EJNON1100SOC 1044128110Introduction to Sociology176
Jacobson,AENON1100ENGR 4754197210Renewable Energy Power Systems128
Jacobson,AENON1100ENGR 5754198310Renewable Energy Power Systems17
Murphy,JFNON0100ESM 2304199811Environmental Methods123
Murphy,JFNON0100ESM 2304200013Environmental Methods124
Murphy,JFNON0100ESM 2304200114Environmental Methods122
Otero-Diaz,MNON1100ENGR 3514193411Introduction to Water Quality117
Otero-Diaz,MNON1100ENGR 3514193512Introduction to Water Quality118
Rienzi,ESNON1100SOC 3034129811Race & Inequality125
Rienzi,ESNON1100SOC 3034129912Race & Inequality120
Saveliff,DNON0100SOC 1134128810Sociology Skills Development130
Saveliff,DNON0100SOC 1134128911Sociology Skills Development130
Wayman,KANON1100CHEM 324L417993Organic Chemistry I Laboratory120
White,KNNON1100CHEM 2284178811Brief Organic Chemistry120
White,KNNON1100CHEM 2284178912Brief Organic Chemistry120
White,KNNON1100CHEM 2284179013Brief Organic Chemistry120
White,KNNON1100CHEM 2284326714Brief Organic Chemistry120
Wilkerson,KNON1100SOC 1044128110Introduction to Sociology176
Wynne,NNON0100SED 715431832Multicultural Education117