The following list shows courses which are at least 2 years old, but have not been offered (enrolled) in 6 or more years. A distinct course is identified by the PeopleSoft Course-ID. Special topics courses are omitted from consideration.
If the Last Enrolled column says "Never Enrolled", that means enrolled sections were not found in any of the historical data available from Fall 1991 or later.
A value of Y in the GEAR column indicates the course has at least one GEAR attribute.
These courses will be suspended unless justification is submitted for the course to remain active for future offering.
Please submit to your college dean (via email or a separate document) a brief justification for each course you wish to retain. The dean will then notify Academic Programs of decisions.

All Subjects Courses in the Fall 2019 catalog NOT OFFERED in the past 6 years (Active status)
courses_not_offered report generated: 13-NOV-19
Last Enrolled
ANTH328Social Anthropology Lab1-4N
Spring 2013012888
ANTH334Anthro, Ecology & Conservation4N
Never Enrolled016595
ANTH394Regions of North America Arch.4N
Spring 2013012910
ANTH621Anthropology & Globalization1-3NONL:ONLINENever Enrolled012926
ANTH681Advanced Research Training1-4N
Spring 1997012928
ART104MLatin American Art3YGE:C1,CCTP:DCGNFall 2012011431
ART353Off-Campus Stud Art History1-9N
Summer 2013011356
ART491BTeaching Assistant - Art Hist.3N
Never Enrolled016465
ART494B.F.A. Practicum in Studio Art4N
Never Enrolled016601
BIOL210Medical Microbiology4N
Spring 2012012953
BIOL308Environment & Culture3YGE:UDB,SUST:SFSpring 2012012961
BIOL369Writing in the Life Sciences4N
Spring 2012012972
CHEM599Independent Study1-3NZCCM:NONESpring 2012013129
COMM422Children's Comm Development4N
Spring 2012013189
COMM426Adolescent Communication4N
Spring 2011013190
EED721BMulticultural Foundations.5-2NTCPI:YSpring 2011011695
EED740BSpecial Populations in Gen Edu1N
Spring 2011011702
ES304Migrations & Mosaics3-4YGE:UDD,CCTP:DCGDFall 2012010256
ES465CNondmstc Iss in Lang/Lit4YCCTP:DCGNNever Enrolled010293
Spring 2009010289
ES699Independent Study1-3N
Spring 2010010291
ESM375Energy, Tech., and Society II3N
Never Enrolled016702
FISH699Directed Study1-4NZCCM:ZCCMFall 2009013722
FOR476Advanced Forest Management2NSUST:SRFall 2012011771
FOR506Adv Prncpls Remote Snsng & GIS3NSUST:SRSpring 2012011782
FREN321Intensive Fren Lang in France4NZCCM:ZCCMSummer 2012013766
FREN322Cultural Journal in France3NZCCM:ZCCMSummer 2012013767
FREN323Cult & Civlztn of France2NZCCM:ZCCMSummer 2012013768
GEOG332Geography of the Mediterranean3NSUST:SFFall 2011013806
GEOG335Geography of the Middle East3NSUST:SFSpring 2012013808
GEOG363MPolitical Geography Depth Exp.1NSUST:SRNever Enrolled016748
GEOG699Directed Graduate Study1-3NZCCM:NONEFall 2009013840
GEOL558Geomorphology of Soils3N
Spring 2013013906
GERM305Marx,Nietzsche,Freud&Germ Lit3YGE:UDCFall 2011013954
GSP499Directed Study1-3N
Never Enrolled016703
HED388Community Based Health Promo3NSUST:SFSpring 2013011897
HED705School Health Programs3N
Fall 2011011912
HIST199Discussion Lab1N
Spring 2009013998
HIST499Directed Study in History1-4N
Spring 2013014064
KINS120Devel Life Skills Stdnt Athlts3N
Fall 2012014087
KINS317Concepts of Teaching Fitness2NZCCM:NONESpring 2011014117
KINS319Cncpts of Tchng Indvdl Actvtys2NZCCM:NONEFall 2011014119
KINS321Concepts of Tchng Rec Actvtys2NZCCM:NONESpring 2011014121
KINS323Cncpts of Tchng Team Actvtys2NZCCM:NONESpring 2012014123
KINS540Exercise Psychology3N
Never Enrolled016692
LDRS499Directed Study.5-4NONL:ONLINENever Enrolled016676
MATH401History Of Mathematics3N
Fall 2011014296
MATH699Independent Study.5-3N
Spring 2012014326
MATH707Elem Math From Advancd Viewpnt1-3N
Summer 2011014329
MUS423St. Oboe, Perf & Mus Ed1NZCCM:NONESpring 2013012118
MUS430St. Euphonium, Perf & Mus Ed1NZCCM:NONENever Enrolled012125
MUS434St. Viola, Perf & Mus Ed1NZCCM:NONESpring 2005012129
MUS454Expanded Repertoire1NZCCM:NONENever Enrolled016659
NAS361Tribal Sovereignty/Citizens3N
Spring 2012012294
NAS374Native American Health3N
Fall 2012012299
NAS394Experiential Learning1-3N
Fall 2009012303
Spring 2013012320
NR499NR Directed Study1-3NZCCM:NONESpring 2009010623
PE127Golf Beginning1NZCCM:NONESpring 2011010674
PE129Power Step1NZCCM:NONEFall 2012010676
PE190Country Western Dance1NZCCM:NONEFall 2011010715
PE194Social Dance1NZCCM:NONESpring 2012010719
PE250Intramural Activity.5-1NZCCM:NONESpring 2012010755
PE261Intercollegiate Club Climbing2NZCCM:NONEFall 2012016341
PE312Intercollegiate Club Archery2NZCCM:NONEFall 2012010770
PE314Intercollegiate Club Cheer2NZCCM:NONEFall 2012010772
PE315Intercolleg Club Lacrosse - M2NZCCM:NONEFall 2012010773
PE317Intercollegiate Club Baseball2NZCCM:NONEFall 2012010774
PE318Intercollegiate Club Rugby - M2NZCCM:NONEFall 2012010775
PE319Intercoll Club Rugby, Women2NZCCM:NONEFall 2012010776
PE320Intercollegiate Club Crew, Men2NZCCM:NONEFall 2012010777
PE321Intercollegiate Club Cycling2NZCCM:NONEFall 2012010778
PE322Intercolleg Club Volleyball-M2NZCCM:NONEFall 2012010779
PE323Intercoll Club Ult Frisbee, Mn2NZCCM:NONEFall 2012010780
PE324Intercoll Club Ult Frisbee, Wm2NZCCM:NONEFall 2012010781
PE325Intercollegiate Club Fencing2NZCCM:NONEFall 2012010782
PE382Underwater Photography3NZCCM:NONESpring 2012010806
PE487Tech of Officiating Basketball2NZCCM:NONESpring 2012010854
PHIL475Postmodern Philosophies3N
Fall 2011014562
PHYX299Supplemental Work in Physics1-3NZCCM:NONESpring 2004014600
PHYX430Computerized Instrumentation3N
Fall 2011014621
PHYX490Senior Thesis1-3NZCCM:NONESpring 2003014630
PSCI690Master's Thesis1-6N
Spring 2011014750
PSCI699Independent Study1-4N
Fall 2010014753
PSYC691Comprehensive Exam0N
Never Enrolled016608
RS320Sacred Texts -Hebrew Bible3NZCCM:ZCCMFall 2012011021
RS362Wisdom and Craft3NZCCM:ZCCMFall 2010011036
RS364Cinema and the Sacred3NZCCM:ZCCMSpring 2012011038
RS392Sacred Lit-Special Topics3NZCCM:ZCCMSpring 2011011042
SED702Basc Counslng Skills for Tchrs1N
Spring 2012012485
SED736Secondary Curric Inst: Ind Art2NTCPI:YFall 2012012506
SED799Directed Study1-4NTCPI:YSpring 2013012533
Fall 2012012579
SOC682Teaching Internship1-3NINT:INT,ZCCM:ZCCMFall 2011012624
SPAN306Sex/Clss/Cltr Intrnl Shrt Stry3YGE:UDC,CCTP:DCGNSpring 2011014973
SPED653Consult, Collab, & Transit3N
Spring 2011015006
SPED654Behav, Emot, Environ Supp3N
Spring 2011015007
STAT499Directed Study.5-3N
Fall 2011015071
SW599Independent Study1-3N
Spring 2009016121
Spring 2013012787
TFD682Internship1-6NINT:INTFall 2009012799
TFD690Thesis or Project1-6N
Spring 2013012800
TFD699Independent Study1-6N
Spring 2013012802
WLC120Introduction to Foreign Lang1-5N
Spring 2013012830
WLC199Introduction to Language1-3N
Fall 2010012831
WLDF421Wildlife Mgmt (Upland Game)3NSUST:SRSpring 2008015427
WLDF470Animal Energetics3N
Fall 2010015438
WLDF510LAdv Principles Wldf Mgmt Lab1-2N
Fall 2011015485
WLDF550LAdv Topics Wldf Diseases Lab1-2N
Spring 2010015486
WLDF565LAdv Topics in Ornithology Lab1-2N
Spring 2012015487
WS419Family Violence3N
Never Enrolled016179
WS465CNondmstic Mltclt Iss Lang/Lit4YCCTP:DCGNNever Enrolled011281

The following is a list of courses that have been suspended for at least 6 years. Please mark RETAIN for any course that should be retained (courses that the program will offer in the future) and mark DELETE for any course that should be permanently deleted from the database.
Please submit to your college dean (via email or a separate document) a brief justification for each course you wish to retain. The dean will then notify Academic Programs of decisions.

All Subjects Courses in the Fall 2019 catalog which have been SUSPENDED at least 6 years
courses_not_offered report generated: 13-NOV-19
Last Enrolled
AH222Arts Management1N
Never Enrolled010003
AH311Projects in the Arts1-4N
Never Enrolled010005
Never Enrolled010013
AHSS309Darwin & Darwinism3YGE:CWT,SUST:SRFall 2009012854
AHSS399Directed Study1-3N
Never Enrolled012857
AIE345Amer Indians in Higher Educ3N
Fall 2008011286
AIE435AIE: Counseling Issues3YCCTP:DCGDSpring 2006011289
AIE491Fieldwork American Indian Educ1-3N
Spring 2008011290
Never Enrolled012886
ANTH348Linguistics Lab1-4N
Spring 2005012896
ANTH375Community Development1-4N
Fall 2008012903
ANTH400Self, Health & Culture3YGE:EFall 2008012916
ANTH494Senior Colloquium1-3N
Spring 1999012922
ART110Art History Foundation3N
Fall 2004011300
ART111Printmaking I3N
Spring 2004011301
ART300Major Monuments of Art3YGE:UDCSpring 2007011311
ART311Early Christian & Byzantine4N
Fall 2007011314
ART323Scientific Drawing II3N
Spring 2003011326
ART342Current Topics Graphic Design3N
Fall 2000011345
ART348BInterm Jewelry &Small Metals3N
Spring 2001011439
ART349BAdvanced Jewerly/Metalsmithing3N
Spring 2003011440
ART355Native Amer Art of North Coast4N
Spring 2001011358
ART360Photoshop for Artists3N
Spring 2003011363
ART361Intermediate Illustration3N
Spring 2005011364
ART363Advanced Illustration3N
Spring 2001011366
ART371Color Theory3N
Fall 1994011370
ART457Art Exhibition Design: Install3N
Summer 2002011382
ART497Yurok Basketry3N
Spring 2003011385
ART524Advanced Drawing4N
Fall 2002011390
ART525Life Drawing II4N
Spring 2004011391
ART529Advanced Painting4N
Spring 2004011393
ART539Advanced Photography4N
Spring 2004011398
ART546Figure Sculpture4N
Spring 2003011400
ART547Advanced Sculpture4N
Spring 2004011401
ART559Advanced Ceramics4N
Spring 2004011403
ART595Directed Studies4N
Spring 2004011405
BA220Ldrshp in Theory and Practice3N
Fall 2008010059
BA260Personal Finance3N
Fall 2007010064
BA345Marketing Essentials3N
Spring 2010010068
BA355Essen Fin/Mgt Acctg3N
Fall 2009010069
BA365Finance Essentials3N
Spring 2010010072
BA375Management Essentials3N
Spring 2010010076
BA415Int'l Business Essentials3YCCTP:DCGNFall 2011010082
BA440Marketing Communication4N
Never Enrolled010085
BA442Product & Pricing Management4N
Spring 2000010086
BA474Advanced Management Topics4N
Spring 2005010104
BIOL109General Microbiology3YGE:B1Spring 2003012949
BIOL109LGeneral Microbiology Lab1YGE:B2,GE:B10Spring 2003013021
BIOL185Introductory Honors1N
Summer 1995012952
BIOL300Contemporary Ecological Topics3YGE:UDBSpring 2002012955
BIOL302Human Biology3YGE:UDB,CCTP:DCGNSpring 2006012957
Never Enrolled012962
BIOL336Field Biology1-3N
Fall 2004012965
BIOL345Genetics with Population Emphs4N
Spring 2007012967
Spring 1995012969
Fall 2004012970
BIOL368Biological Terminology1N
Fall 1996012971
BIOL383Intro to Undergrad Research1N
Fall 2006012973
BIOL400Human Reproduction3YGE:ENever Enrolled012976
BIOL415Molecular Biol of Prokaryotes3N
Spring 1996012979
BIOL417Pathogenic Bacteriology3N
Fall 1991012980
BIOL425Advanced Molecular Biology3N
Never Enrolled016135
Never Enrolled016137
BIOL435Southwestern Natural History3N
Never Enrolled012985
BIOL465Immunology & Serology3N
Fall 2002012989
BIOL493Clinical Science2N
Spring 1992012993
BIOL494Cardiovascular Functioning2N
Spring 2003012994
BIOL525Advanced Molecular Biology3N
Never Enrolled016136
Never Enrolled016138
BIOL540Advanced Genetics2N
Spring 1995012998
Fall 1998012999
Fall 1994013003
BIOL560Trans Electron Microscope Tech2N
Summer 2002013005
BIOL562Scanning Elec Microscope Tech2N
Fall 2002013006
BOT301Fundamentals of Horticulture3YGE:UDBFall 2002011460
BOT351Aquatic Plants2N
Never Enrolled011465
BOT450Advanced Plant Taxonomy3N
Summer 2007011478
BOT454Freshwater Algae3N
Spring 1997011479
BOT510Plant Growth & Development3N
Never Enrolled011482
BOT512Plant Mineral Nutri & Metab3N
Fall 1998011483
BOT514Environmental Plant Physiology4N
Spring 1996011484
BOT520Plant Tissue Culture4N
Spring 2005011485
BOT530Alpine Ecology3N
Fall 1998011487
BOT531Advanced Plant Ecology4N
Never Enrolled011488
BOT535Forest Canopy Ecology3N
Spring 2005011489
Fall 1999011491
Spring 2001011493
Fall 1997011494
BOT559Advanced Mycology4N
Spring 2001011495
BSS501Visions of the 21st Century1-3N
Fall 1998011533
BSS620Global Population Dynamics3N
Spring 1998011534
BSS621The Clash of Civilization3N
Fall 1998011535
BSS640Polit. Economy of Environment3N
Fall 1997011536
BSS641Communal Conflict in IR3N
Spring 1998011537
BSS642Globalization & Pol. Resistnce3N
Fall 1998011538
BSS650Globalization & World Devpmnt.3N
Fall 1997011539
CD334Maternal and Child Nutrition3N
Fall 2003010145
CD358LSupervised Wrk w/ Children II1N
Spring 1998010182
CD359Infant/Toddler Practicum4N
Spring 1999010153
CD359LInfant/Toddler Practicum Lab1N
Spring 1995010183
CD370Working with Family Resources3N
Fall 1999010158
CD443Dvlpmntl Modls & Lrnng Envrnmt3N
Spring 2003010160
CD461Early Childhood Administration1-3N
Fall 2005010162
CD465Parents in Partnership2-3N
Spring 2001010165
CD543Dvlpmntl Modls & Lrnng Envrnmt3N
Fall 2001010172
CD690Master's Thesis1-4N
Never Enrolled010176
CD699Master's Directed Study1-2N
Spring 1998010177
CHEM104Chemistry & Society3YGE:B4,SUST:SFFall 2002013079
CHEM117Nursing Chemistry1N
Spring 2011013085
CHEM305Environmental Chemistry3YGE:UDB,SUST:SRSpring 2003013087
CHEM344Chemical Analysis Biol Fluids4N
Never Enrolled013097
CHEM360Fundamental Physical Chemistry5N
Spring 2014016224
CHEM364Intro. Physical Chemistry3N
Spring 2010013101
CHEM367Introduction to Phys Chem Lab1N
Spring 2010013104
CHEM421Advanced Organic Chemistry1-3N
Fall 2006013111
CHEM422Advanced Organic Laboratory1-2N
Spring 2002013112
CHEM429Organic Chem Biological Comp3N
Spring 2000013113
CHEM484Building Energy Analysis3N
Never Enrolled013122
CHEM50Preparation for Chemistry2N
Summer 1998013078
CHEM700Professional Development Chem1-3N
Fall 2005013130
CHIN311Adv Reading & Composition4N
Never Enrolled013158
CIS175Microbased Operating System1N
Spring 2000011559
CIS273Micro Databases II1N
Never Enrolled011574
CIS274Microbased Graphics II1N
Never Enrolled011575
CIS463Management Use of the Computer3N
Fall 2001011596
CIS470Decision Supp & Expert Systems3N
Fall 1993011598
CIS602Multimedia & Comp Graph for Ed3N
Summer 1997011611
CIS603Databases, Spreadshts & Graph3N
Summer 1997011612
CIS604Comp Programming Fund for Educ3N
Summer 1998011613
CIS605Comp in Educ: A Critical Persp3N
Summer 1998011614
CIS606Telecom Princ & Internet Resou3N
Summer 1998011615
CIS607Design & Devel of Ed Coursewar3N
Summer 1998011616
CIS608Quant Research Design Methods3N
Summer 1998011617
CIS690Master's Project or Thesis1-6N
Summer 1999011618
COMM101Crit Thinking Small Groups3YGE:A3Fall 2004013162
COMM210Argumentation and Debate3N
Never Enrolled013168
COMM311Business & Prof Communication4N
Spring 2006013174
COMM316Mass Media & Contemp Society3N
Never Enrolled013177
COMM340Oral Intrp Instrc Settings1-2N
Spring 2006013181
COMM400Communication & Human Integrat3-4YGE:EFall 2003013182
COMM407Relational Comm Theory4N
Spring 2006013184
COMM417Second Language Acquisition3N
Summer 2005013188
Never Enrolled016414
CS150LBasic Programming Lab1N
Never Enrolled010230
CS310Database for Non-Majors4N
Never Enrolled011581
CS335Prog. Lang:Principls & Paradgm3N
Spring 2013010207
CS373Netwrk Design & Implementation3N
Never Enrolled010210
CS472Comprsn Programmng Languages4N
Never Enrolled010219
ECON331Public Finance4N
Spring 1996013214
ECON340Quantitative Economics4N
Spring 1992013215
ECON459Economics of Antitrust & Regs4N
Spring 1998013225
ECON523DTopics Env & Econ Addl Depth1NSUST:SFNever Enrolled016122
EDUC210Current Issues in Schools3N
Fall 2002013244
EDUC299Directed Study.5-4N
Spring 2002013247
EDUC310Education For A Livable World3N
Spring 2003013248
EDUC311How We Learn3N
Never Enrolled013249
EDUC624Theories & Models Read & Writ3N
Fall 2006013275
EDUC625Dev. of Phon. & Orthogr. Knowl3N
Fall 2006013276
EDUC627Diagnosis Read & Writing Diff3N
Spring 2007013278
EDUC628Remediation Read & Writing3N
Spring 2007013279
Summer 2007013280
Summer 2007013334
EDUC681Quantitative Educ Methods3N
Spring 2012013290
EDUC719Teacher Computer Competency2N
Fall 2004013304
EED499Directed Study1-3N
Spring 2008011666
EED729Reading Curr & Methods4N
Never Enrolled011677
EED757Advanced Student Teaching1-10N
Never Enrolled011690
Spring 2005011691
EED790Supervised Field Experience1-3N
Never Enrolled011692
EED799Directed Study1-4N
Spring 2003011693
EMP109Shake, Rattle and Roll3YGE:D7,SUST:SFNever Enrolled016124
EMP326NRPI Field Trips1N
Never Enrolled014373
EMP342NR Admin & Policy Development3N
Never Enrolled014375
EMP352Nat Res Public Relations3N
Never Enrolled014378
EMP412Legal Research4N
Never Enrolled014385
EMP423Environmental & NR Economics3N
Never Enrolled014388
EMP476Comp Mod-Mapping Routines1N
Never Enrolled014402
EMP520Ecosystem Analysis4N
Never Enrolled014408
EMP522Ecology of Redwood Biome3N
Never Enrolled014409
EMP550Advanced NR Interpretation3N
Never Enrolled014411
ENGL317Plays in Performance3N
Spring 1995013438
ENGL340Approaches to Shakespeare4N
Fall 2005013446
ENGL366Intro to Folklore3N
Spring 1995013452
ENGL400Queer Narratives3YGE:ENever Enrolled013455
ENGL470R. Carver Short Story Contest2N
Spring 2004013467
ENGL683Internship in Business Writing2NINT:INTSpring 2004013491
ENGR323Prob Analysis of Envir Systems3N
Fall 2006013543
ENGR324Environmental Monitoring3N
Spring 2007013544
ENGR343Coastal Engr2N
Spring 2001013551
ENGR350Intro to Water Quality3N
Spring 2007013552
ENGR353Environ. Health Engr3N
Spring 2007013554
ENGR356Water Quality Analysis3NSUST:SRSpring 1998013555
ENGR460Intro to Soil Mechanics3N
Fall 1999013574
ENGR461Environmental Geotechnology3N
Fall 2002013575
ENGR463Foundation Analysis & Design2N
Never Enrolled013576
ENGR466Earthquake Engr3N
Fall 2003013577
ENGR501Environ Systems Analysis I4NSUST:SRFall 2006013591
ENGR502Environ Systems Analysis II4N
Never Enrolled013592
ENGR522Advanced Numerical Methods II3N
Never Enrolled013594
ENGR530Develop & Design of Tech Int3N
Fall 2005013595
ENGR531Coord & Eval of Tech Inter3N
Spring 2006013596
ENGR597Mentoring & Teaching Assc Trng1-4N
Spring 2006013604
ENVS210Intro to Environmental Science3N
Fall 1998013660
ENVS309BEnvironmental Communication3YGE:CWTNever Enrolled013673
ENVS412Legal Research4N
Spring 2004013668
ES312Mex/Amer Politics & Orgnizatns3N
Spring 1993010259
ES321Af Am Hst 1877-Pr3N
Spring 2000010263
ES322Afro Amer Family3N
Fall 2004010264
ES323Pattrns Pan Afrcm3N
Never Enrolled010265
ES324Ethnic American History3N
Spring 1998010266
ES327Afro-American Religion3N
Fall 2000010269
ES328African Religion and Philosoph3N
Fall 1995010270
ES340Chi & Japn Amer3N
Spring 1997010273
ES341Fam & Inter Marr3N
Never Enrolled010274
ES342Immigrants & Refugees3N
Never Enrolled010275
ES343Japa Am Conc Camp3N
Fall 2003010276
ES351Chicano Cult Expr3N
Fall 1992010277
ES352Dynamics of Black Culture3N
Spring 1997010278
ES354Mnrties/Amer Inst3NSUST:SRNever Enrolled010280
ES482Top Res Min/Maj2NSUST:SRFall 2007010283
ES590Theory & Methods in ES4N
Never Enrolled016030
ES620Community Research4N
Never Enrolled016033
ES654Min,Amer Insti, SS3NSUST:SRNever Enrolled010286
ES683Advanced Research Methods1-3N
Never Enrolled010288
ES691Comprehensive Exam1-3N
Spring 1995010290
FISH110Introduction to Fisheries1N
Spring 2011013674
FISH165Small Aquarium Management2N
Spring 2003013675
FISH170Hatchery Practicum2N
Never Enrolled013676
FISH200Sportfishing U.S.A.2N
Fall 1999013677
FISH311Fish Physiology3NSUST:SRFall 2011013680
FISH350Principles of Stock Assessment2N
Never Enrolled013684
FISH426Field Trip1N
Spring 1992013689
FISH430Ecology of Freshwater Fishes3N
Spring 2012013690
FISH430LEcology Freshwater Fishes Lab1N
Spring 2012013732
FISH440Early LIfe History of Fishes4N
Spring 2010016000
FISH444Aquarium Sciences4N
Fall 2003013693
FISH465Reservoir Biology & Management3N
Fall 1997013696
FISH540Early Life History Fishes4N
Spring 2010013709
FISH550Adv Fish Population Dynamics3N
Never Enrolled013710
FISH560LCoaltal Stream Practicum2N
Fall 2003013740
FISH565Reservoir Biology & Management3N
Fall 1997013712
FISH597Mentoring & Teachng Assoc Trng1-4N
Spring 2007013717
FOR116The Forest Environment3NSUST:SFSpring 2014011719
FOR150Logging Conference Field Trip1N
Spring 2004011721
FOR312Advanced Forest Growth & Yield3N
Never Enrolled011733
FOR333Forest Tree Improvement3N
Spring 2002011743
FOR360Forest Economics3N
Never Enrolled011747
FOR425Wildland Fire Mgmt Capstone1N
Spring 2014016072
FOR426Forest Ecology-Silvicult Field1-2N
Never Enrolled011756
FOR432LAdvanced Silviculture Lab1N
Never Enrolled011820
FOR433Forest Res. Conservation Capst1NSUST:SRSpring 2014016073
FOR434Regional Silviculture2NSUST:SRNever Enrolled011760
FOR435Forest Nursery Management3N
Never Enrolled011761
FOR458Orientation to Overseas Study1N
Never Enrolled011763
FOR460Contemporary Issues/Forestry1-3N
Never Enrolled011764
FOR465Forestland Grazing2NSUST:SRFall 1995011765
FOR468Introduction to Agroforestry3N
Never Enrolled011766
FOR470Professional Forestry Ethics1NSUST:SRSpring 2014011767
FOR472Spatial Analysis Lab Projects1N
Never Enrolled011769
FOR476LAdvanced Forest Mgmt Lab1NSUST:SRSpring 1993011823
FOR477Comp Mod-Remote Image Process2N
Fall 1997011772
FOR478Forest Operations Capstone1N
Fall 2013016111
FOR486Honors Project1N
Never Enrolled011777
FOR494Honors Project1-3N
Never Enrolled011780
FOR510Adv Princ Forest Mensuration3N
Never Enrolled011783
Spring 1999011784
FOR543Adv Studies Forest Engineering3N
Never Enrolled011787
FOR550Review:CA Forester Licnse Exam3N
Never Enrolled011788
FOR561Adv Princ Forest Economics3NSUST:SRSpring 1993011789
FOR579Adv Princ Forest Management3N
Never Enrolled011790
FOR597Mentoring & Teach Assoc. Trng1-4N
Spring 2008011791
FREN305Literature & Culture3YGE:UDCSpring 1997013755
FREN313Level VII: Adv Grammar & Comp3N
Spring 1997013759
FREN315Masterpieces:Mid Ages-Voltaire4N
Fall 2006013760
FREN316Masterpieces:French Rev-Camus4N
Spring 2007013761
FREN317Modern Francophone Literature4N
Spring 2008013762
FREN318French Poetry4N
Fall 2002013763
FREN319Francophone Theatre/Cinema4N
Spring 2006013764
FREN320French Civ:Past/Contemporary4N
Spring 2005013765
FREN327ENG Cultrl Journ: Region Stds2N
Never Enrolled016039
FREN350Adv Conversation & the Media2N
Spring 2007013770
FREN410Bilingual African Newsletter1-3N
Spring 2005013773
Spring 2004013775
GEOG104World Regional Geography3YGE:D5Fall 2002013784
GEOG216Intro to Mapping Sciences3N
Spring 2012013789
GEOG300MGlobal Awareness Depth Exper1NSUST:SFNever Enrolled016096
GEOG309ISilk Road3YGE:CWT,GE:UDDFall 2006013842
GEOG313Geographic Remote Sensing4N
Spring 1997013796
GEOG320American/Canadian East4N
Spring 1999013801
GEOG321American/Canadian West4N
Fall 1999013802
GEOG330Western Europe4N
Fall 1998013804
GEOG331Eastern Europe4N
Spring 2000013805
GEOG344South America3YCCTP:DCGN,SUST:SFFall 2007013811
GEOG344MSouth America Depth Experience1NSUST:SFNever Enrolled016099
GEOG350North American Water Resources3-4N
Fall 2001013813
GEOG360MGeog World Economy Depth Exp1NSUST:SFNever Enrolled016104
GEOG361Settlement Geography3N
Spring 2008013819
GEOG361MSettlement Geography Depth Exp1N
Never Enrolled016105
GEOG473LPhysical Geography Lab1NSUST:SRNever Enrolled013814
GEOL440Economic Geology2N
Spring 1992013875
Spring 1998013876
GERM250German Intermed Conversation3N
Summer 2001013952
GERM330Advanced Laboratory Practice1.5N
Fall 2005013961
HED115First Aid/CPR1N
Spring 2007011885
HED312First Aid Instructor2N
Fall 2001011890
HED334Maternal and Child Nutrition3N
Fall 2003011894
HIST211Intro to History for Teachers4N
Fall 2008014002
HIST313Ancient Egyptian Civ. & Hist4N
Fall 2006014011
HIST332History of Southern Africa4N
Spring 2003014020
HIST341European Cult.Hist. Since 17004N
Spring 2001014029
HIST344Nineteenth Century Europe4N
Fall 2009014031
HIST352Tudor Stuart England,1485-17144N
Spring 2006014035
HIST376American Social Thought4N
Fall 2000014048
HIST38420th Century American West4NSUST:SRSpring 2004014052
HIST385Borderlands and the Southwest4N
Never Enrolled014053
HIST389Women in U.S. History4N
Spring 2006014055
IT297Experimental Lab - Technology1N
Spring 2001010427
IT315Technology Research1N
Spring 2006010430
IT320Wood Product Design4N
Never Enrolled010431
IT326Prin of Cabinet Construction2N
Never Enrolled010434
IT333Adv Manufacturing Processes3N
Fall 2006010437
IT350Electronic Instrumentation3N
Never Enrolled010444
IT352Industrial Electronics3N
Never Enrolled010446
IT360Plastics Prod Mat & Proc3N
Never Enrolled010448
IT590Prin & Prob Teaching Ind Subj3N
Fall 2001010475
IT699Independent Study1-3N
Fall 2000010478
JMC232Technical Writing3N
Never Enrolled011930
JMC234Broadcast News Writing3N
Spring 2006011931
JMC312Women and Mass Media3N
Never Enrolled011934
JMC316Mass Media & Contemp. Society3NSUST:SRNever Enrolled011935
JMC352Media Programming & Crit Analy3N
Spring 1999011952
JMC416Mass Communication Theory3N
Never Enrolled011955
JMC434Broadcast News Documentaries3N
Never Enrolled011959
JMC436Adv Public Affairs Video Prod3N
Never Enrolled011960
KINS250Anatomical Kinesiology4N
Spring 2008014102
KINS350Org & Adm: Athletic Training3N
Summer 2005014133
KINS375Organ, Admin and Facility Plan3N
Summer 2005014134
KINS382Mechanical Kinesiology3N
Spring 2004014140
KINS394Computers in Health, PE, Rec3N
Spring 2006014146
KINS479Sports Psychology3N
Spring 2003014158
KINS600Adv Technique-Athletic Train3N
Spring 2005014180
KINS665Sports Management3N
Spring 2001014189
MATH225Linear Alg. & Diff. Equations3N
Fall 2002014273
MATH399Supplmntl Work In Mathematics1-3N
Never Enrolled014295
MATH402History Of Math3N
Spring 1994014297
MATH446Logic & Set Theory3N
Spring 2006014307
MATH451Adv. Numeric Analys (4) S.4N
Spring 2008014308
MATH707DElem Math Adv Viewpnt - Disc.5N
Never Enrolled014344
MUS109BBeginning Brass1YGE:C1Spring 1999012200
MUS115Theory II3N
Fall 2001012000
MUS300Folkloric Dnce & Mus of Mexico2YGE:UDC,GE:UDDSpring 1998012043
MUS327Form and Analysis2N
Never Enrolled012062
MUS355Voice Intermediate1N
Spring 2013012079
MUS357Piano Intermediate1-3N
Spring 2008012081
MUS381Selection/Care/Repair Instrmts1N
Spring 2012012103
MUS407MIntermediate Orchestra1-2N
Spring 2007012255
NAS105Intro to U.S. Ethnic Studies3YGE:D3,CCTP:DCGDSpring 2002012268
NAS335AArch Field Methods Activity1-3N
Fall 1991012325
NAS346Study of Native Amer Language3N
Fall 1994012287
NAS352Archaeology of N.W. California3N
Fall 1999012289
NAS355Archaeological Field Methods1-3N
Spring 2004012290
NAS355AArchaeologicl Fld Mthds Actvty1-3N
Never Enrolled012326
NAS355LArchaeological Laboratory Stdy1-3N
Fall 1999012327
NAS358Cultural Resource Management3NSUST:SRNever Enrolled012292
NAS393Native American Arts, Activity3N
Never Enrolled012302
NAS401Int'l Indigenous Issues3N
Fall 2007012304
NAS460Tribal Rights-The Federal Role3NSUST:SFFall 2001012306
NAS482Spec Topics in NA Lang & Lit3N
Fall 2001012309
NAS483Spec Topics in NA Soc & Cult3N
Fall 2006012310
NAS620Comp Vlu Eur & NA3N
Never Enrolled012316
NAS630Nat Amer No Calif3N
Never Enrolled012317
NAS683Advanced Research Methods1-3N
Never Enrolled012319
NAS691Comprehensive Exam1-3N
Spring 1994012321
OCN274Marine Field Techniques2N
Spring 1995012336
OCN306Global Environmental Issues3YGE:UDB,SUST:SFSpring 2003012340
OCN321Physical Oceanography II3N
Never Enrolled012343
OCN430Marine Pollution3NSUST:SRFall 2002012350
Never Enrolled012358
OCN510Estuarine Ecology3N
Spring 2002012359
OCN511Marine Primary Production3N
Never Enrolled012360
OCN535Marine Microbial Ecology3N
Never Enrolled012361
OCN540Marine Sedimentation3N
Never Enrolled012362
OCN544Beach and Nearshore Processes3N
Spring 1996012363
PE111Water Aerobics1N
Spring 2006010658
PE145Swimming Beginning1N
Fall 2005010689
PE152Volleyball Beginning1N
Fall 2003010696
PE161Backpacking Beginning2N
Summer 2004010703
PE191Folk Dance1N
Never Enrolled010716
PE198Vintage Dance1N
Fall 2007010723
PE211Adapt Physical Ed Exercise1N
Fall 2001010724
PE212Aikido Intermediate1N
Spring 2007010725
PE213Archery Intermediate1N
Never Enrolled010726
PE216Body Fitness2N
Fall 2006010729
PE218Cross Training2N
Spring 2007010731
PE225Fencing Intermediate1N
Fall 2006010736
PE227Golf Intermediate1N
Spring 2006010738
PE231Jogging Fitness1N
Spring 2003010741
PE246Fitness Swimming Intermediate1-2N
Spring 2004010752
PE252Volleyball Intermediate1N
Spring 2004010757
PE254Walking Fitness1N
Spring 2003010758
PE327Golf Advanced1N
Spring 2006010784
PE368Aerobic Instructor Training2N
Fall 2002010796
PE474Leadership Diving:Divemaster4N
Fall 2005010841
PE478Water Aerobic Instructor2N
Spring 2002010845
PHIL309Case Studies in Environ Ethics3YGE:CWT,SUST:SFSpring 2007014533
PHIL381Hist of Phil:Hellenist-Medievl3N
Spring 1996014548
PHIL400Philosophic Self-Examination3YGE:ESpring 2001014558
PHSC699Independent Study1-3N
Never Enrolled014578
PHSC700Professional Developmt Phy Sci1-3N
Never Enrolled014579
PHYX103Intro to Meterology3YGE:B5,GE:B10Fall 2002014586
PHYX104LDescriptive Astronomy Lab1YGE:B10Fall 2004014637
PHYX105Conceptual Phyx4YGE:B5,GE:B10Fall 1994014588
PHYX112Mechanical Universe.5N
Fall 1996014594
PHYX113Mechanical Universe & Beyond.5N
Spring 1996014595
PHYX232Electronics for Computer Sci3N
Fall 1992014598
PHYX300Frontiers of Modern Science3YGE:UDBSpring 1998014601
PHYX301Science of Sound3YGE:UDBNever Enrolled014602
PHYX302Light & Color3YGE:UDBSpring 2002014603
PHYX443Electricity & Magnetism III2N
Spring 2014014624
PHYX699Independent Study1-3N
Never Enrolled014634
PHYX700Professional Developmt in Phyx1-3N
Never Enrolled014635
PSCI305The American Political Dream3YGE:UDDFall 2000014670
PSCI314Sex Discr in American Law4N
Spring 1999014676
PSCI325Environmental Political Theory4N
Never Enrolled014684
PSCI465Women & 3d World Development4N
Fall 1997014727
PSCI471Political Advocacy Internship1-4N
Spring 2004014729
PSCI472Law & Social Justice Intership1-4N
Spring 2004014730
PSCI473Global Studies Internship1-4N
Spring 2004014731
PSCI474Sustainable Society Internship1-4N
Spring 2004014732
PSCI481Campaigns and Elections1-4N
Fall 2004014733
PSCI665Women in 3d World Development3N
Fall 1994014746
PSYC412Psych of Infancy3N
Summer 1998014798
PSYC427Animal Behavior3N
Never Enrolled014806
PSYC459Qualitative Methods of Inquiry3N
Never Enrolled014821
PSYC474Community Psych Experience3N
Never Enrolled014824
PSYC517Psych of Exceptional Children3N
Fall 1998014836
PSYC565Psych of Voc/Career Developmnt3N
Fall 1996014840
PSYC623Advncd Perception & Cognition3N
Fall 2006014852
PSYC637Psych of Personality3N
Fall 1992014857
PSYC645Pers Assess: Child & Earl Adol3N
Never Enrolled014862
PSYC646Personality Assessment - Adult3N
Fall 2008014863
PSYC668Assessmnt/Treatmnt Chld Abuse2N
Spring 2007014880
PSYC671Community Psych3N
Spring 1993014882
PSYC679Professional Development Sem1N
Fall 2008014885
PSYC681Advanced Psych: Review & Tchng4N
Fall 2002014887
PSYC689School Counseling Practicum1-15N
Spring 2002014895
REC120Wint Camp Cross Country Skiing2N
Spring 2003012381
REC340Camp Organizatn and Counseling3N
Spring 2008012389
REC350Intermediate Kayaking2N
Spring 2003012391
RRS110Range Resrcs in Modern Society1N
Fall 2007012411
RRS405Range/Wldf Relations & Habitat2N
Fall 1994012421
RRS410Intro to Animal Nutrition4N
Fall 2006012422
RRS415Rangeland Wldlf Nutrition3N
Never Enrolled012423
RRS465Forestland Grazing2NSUST:SRFall 1995012429
RRS470Grazing Influences2N
Never Enrolled012430
RRS500Adv Study / Wildland Resources2N
Never Enrolled012436
RRS597Mentor & Teach Assoc Trng1-4N
Fall 2003012439
RS350Religions of the Goddesses3N
Fall 2006011032
RS363Mysticism and Madness3N
Spring 2014011037
RS400Paths to the Center3YGE:EFall 2006011047
SC424Language and Communication3N
Never Enrolled011111
SCI310Prep Field Experience1N
Never Enrolled012453
SCI313Basic Boating Safety1N
Never Enrolled016129
SCI410Coop Educ Field Experience1-2N
Never Enrolled012458
SCI499Directed Study in Science.5-4N
Summer 2007012462
SCI501Graduate Orientation Env Sys1N
Fall 2008012463
SCI599Internship in Science1-3N
Never Enrolled012466
SCI690Graduate Thesis Env Systems1-6N
Fall 1993012467
SCI699Independent Study Env Systems1-3N
Spring 1996012470
SCI700Internship in Science.5-4N
Never Enrolled012471
SED499Directed Study1-3N
Spring 2003012483
SED704Issues in Inner City Education2N
Never Enrolled012487
SED732Secondary Curric Inst: Bus2N
Spring 2003012503
SED757Advanced Student Teaching4-12N
Fall 2003012525
SED790Supervised Field Experience1-3N
Never Enrolled012532
SOC102Critical Thinking Research3YGE:A3Spring 2004012536
SOC201Social Problems4N
Spring 2012012540
SOC282Sociologic Statistics4N
Spring 2008012545
SOC311Social Psychology4N
Spring 2005012553
SOC312Complex Organizations4N
Spring 1997012554
SOC314Sociology of Community4N
Spring 2005012556
SOC315Social Class4N
Spring 2003012557
SOC319Ecology of Family Violence4N
Spring 2003012559
SOC376GIS for the Social Sciences4NSUST:SRSpring 2012016008
SOC400Human Integration3YGE:ESpring 2007012574
Spring 2000012582
SOC473Prisons:Thnkng Thru A Soc Issu4N
Spring 2001012586
SOC481LAdvanced Soc Statistics Lab1N
Fall 2008012634
SOC483Sel Topics in Research Methods4N
Fall 1993012591
SOC683Advanced Research Training4N
Spring 2008012625
SOIL260LIntroduction Soil Science Lab1N
Spring 2007014958
SOIL597Mentor & Teach Assoc Trng1-4N
Never Enrolled014951
SP119UnivSem for 1st Time Frosh1N
Spring 2004011138
SP121Community Volunteering1NCSLI:YSpring 2012016134
SP122Student Success2N
Spring 1992011140
SP253Residence Hall Peer Leadership3N
Never Enrolled016009
SP285Beginning Academic Research1N
Spring 2007011145
SP319Univ Sem 1st Time Tranf Stdnts1N
Spring 2004011146
SP401Final Interdisciplinry Project1-3N
Never Enrolled011150
SP420Course Experiment1-3N
Never Enrolled011152
SP55Academic Writing Preparation1NONL:ONLINENever Enrolled016316
SP683College Faculty Preparation3N
Spring 2009011157
SP684Orient. to Higher Education1N
Spring 2010011158
SP685Instr Res for High Ed: Capst2N
Spring 2010011159
SPAN251Spanish Conversation: Prof Sub4N
Never Enrolled014969
SPAN285Mexico Today4N
Fall 1995014972
SPAN450Threads of Communication3N
Fall 2001014994
SPED651Prof Devel. in Special Educ.2N
Fall 2010015004
SPED655Adv Stud. in Lrng Disabilities3N
Never Enrolled015008
SPED656Advanced Studies: Severe3N
Never Enrolled015041
SPED661Reflctve Spec Ed Practitioner2N
Spring 2011015009
SPED704Advanced Clinicl Fieldwork1N
Fall 2011015012
SPED732Practicum: Classroom Mngmnt1N
Spring 2012015021
SPED757Adv. Stud. in Sec. Sp. Educ.3N
Never Enrolled015042
STAT222Intro to Biostatistics4N
Spring 1998015061
STAT324Probability & Math Stats II4N
Never Enrolled015065
STAT441Applies Statistics with SAS4N
Never Enrolled015069
SW440Family Social Work3N
Fall 2006011181
SW500Values & Ethics.:Phlsphy of SW3N
Summer 2011011192
SW630Legal & Political Social Work3NSUST:SRSpring 2012011203
Fall 1993011220
TFD515Acting Styles3N
Fall 2011012765
VPA110ASummer Arts Lab - Music3N
Summer 2001012822
VPA110BSummer Arts Lab - Film & Video3N
Summer 2001012823
VPA110CSummer Arts Lab - Theatre3N
Summer 2001012824
VPA110DSummer Arts Lab - Dance3N
Summer 2001012825
VPA110ESummer Arts Lab-Dramatic Writg3N
Summer 2001012826
VPA110FSum Arts Lab-Visual Arts&Craft3N
Summer 2001012827
VPA110GSummer Arts Lab - Animation3N
Summer 2001012828
WLDF310Principles of Wildlife Mgmt3N
Fall 2006015414
WLDF340Game Ranching2N
Spring 1996015422
WLDF345Hunting in a Modern Society2N
Never Enrolled015423
WLDF347Museum Techniques Lab2N
Spring 1992015424
WLDF455Ecol/Control of Wldf Diseases3N
Never Enrolled015435
WLDF465Ornithology II3N
Fall 1998015437
WLDF488Case Studies in Wildlife Mgmt3N
Fall 1991015443
WLDF570Advanced Animal Energetics1-3N
Fall 2004015452
WLDF570LAdvanced Animal Energetics Lab1-2N
Fall 2004015488
WS166Life-Work Options for Women2N
Spring 2003011232
WS301The Artist: Women Artists3YGE:UDCFall 2012011234
WS302Living Myths3YGE:UDCFall 2000011235
WS304Queer Narratives3YGE:UDCNever Enrolled011237
WS308Women in Literature3YGE:UDCSpring 2006011241
WS309Revolution, Reform, Response3YGE:CWT,GE:UDCFall 2002011242
WS312Women and Mass Media3N
Never Enrolled011245
WS314Sex Discr in American Law4N
Fall 1996011247
WS319Ecology of Family Violence4N
Spring 2003011252
WS375Postmodern Philosophies3N
Fall 1998011260
WS389Women in U.S. History4N
Spring 2006011261
WS391Spcl Topics in Women's Studies3NSUST:SRSpring 2003011262
WS400BQueer Narratives3YGE:ENever Enrolled011279
WS450Threads of Communication3N
Fall 2001011268
WSHD425Forest Hydrology Capstone1N
Spring 2014016076
WSHD430Water Rights and Water Law3N
Never Enrolled016077
WSHD460Water Resource Development2N
Never Enrolled015494
WSHD499Directed Study1-3N
Spring 2001015498
WSHD520Watershed Analysis3N
Spring 2004015500
WSHD530Water Rights & Water Law3N
Fall 2006015501
WSHD540Modeling Watersheds in GIS3NSUST:SRFall 2003015502
WSHD597Mentoring & Teach Assoc. Trng1-4N
Never Enrolled015503
ZOOL214Elementary Physiology5N
Spring 2012015519
Fall 1999015526
Fall 2001015527
ZOOL352Natural History of Vertebrates4N
Fall 2002015528
ZOOL359Forest Entomology3N
Fall 1999015532
ZOOL372Vertebrate Evolution3N
Fall 1999015534
ZOOL374Intro to Human Anatomy4N
Spring 2012015535
ZOOL399Supplemental Work in Zoology1-3N
Fall 2004015537
ZOOL410Comparative Physiology3N
Never Enrolled015538
Never Enrolled015539
Spring 1994015541
ZOOL510Advanced Physiology2N
Never Enrolled015544
ZOOL510LAdvanced Physiology Lab1-2N
Never Enrolled015578
ZOOL532Advanced Animal Behavior2N
Never Enrolled015546