The following list shows courses which are at least 2 years old, but have not been offered (enrolled) in 6 or more years. A distinct course is identified by the PeopleSoft Course-ID. Special topics courses are omitted from consideration.
If the Last Enrolled column says "Never Enrolled", that means enrolled sections were not found in any of the historical data available from Fall 1991 or later.
A value of Y in the GEAR column indicates the course has at least one GEAR attribute.
These courses will be suspended unless justification is submitted for the course to remain active for future offering.
Please submit to your college dean (via email or a separate document) a brief justification for each course you wish to retain. The dean will then notify Academic Programs of decisions.

All Subjects Courses in the Fall 2022 catalog NOT OFFERED in the past 6 years (Active status)
courses_not_offered report generated: 19-SEP-22
Last Enrolled
AHSS104SGlobal Meets Local in Humboldt3YGE:CSU E,CSLI:RNever Enrolled016784
ANTH328Social Anthropology Lab1-4N
Spring 2013012888
ANTH338Biological Anth Lab1N
Fall 2015012892
ANTH394Regions of North America Arch.4N
Spring 2013012910
ANTH621Anthropology & Globalization1-3NONL:ONLINENever Enrolled012926
ANTH681Advanced Research Training1-4N
Never Enrolled012928
ART104CMedieval Art3YGE:CSU C1Spring 2015011424
ART104GBaroque Art3YGE:CSU C1Fall 2015011426
ART104H19th Century Art3YGE:CSU C1Spring 2016011427
ART333Printmaking: Portfolio Develop3NZCCM:NONESpring 2015011336
ART345Sculpture: Studio Topics3N
Spring 2015011348
ART491BTeaching Assistant - Art Hist.3N
Never Enrolled016465
BA110Introduction to Business3N
Fall 2014010055
BIOL210Medical Microbiology4N
Spring 2012012953
BIOL301History of Biology3YGE:UDBFall 2014012956
BIOL306California Natural History3YGE:UDBSummer 2016012960
BIOL308Environment & Culture3YGE:UDB,SUST:SFSpring 2012012961
BIOL369Writing in the Life Sciences4N
Spring 2012012972
CS237Bioinformatics Programming3N
Spring 2016016195
ECON482SBDC Econ Dev Internships3NZCCM:ZCCMNever Enrolled016887
ENGL465CMulticultural Issues in Lit4YCCTP:DCGNSpring 2014013521
ENGL618Ling Rhetorcl Apprchs to Wrtg4N
Fall 2015013487
ENGR533Energy & Climate Change4NSUST:SFSpring 2015013598
ENGR545Water Resources Plnning & Mngt3NSUST:SFSpring 2015013602
ENGR551Water & Wastewater Trtmt Eng4NSUST:SRFall 2015016024
ES304Migrations & Mosaics3-4YGE:UDD,CCTP:DCGDFall 2012010256
ES465CMulticultural Issues in Lit4YCCTP:DCGNNever Enrolled010293
Never Enrolled010289
FISH358Fisheries Data Analysis4N
Never Enrolled016889
FISH443Water Pollution Biology3NSUST:SRSpring 2015013692
FISH490Honors Thesis Research1-4NZCCM:ZCCMFall 2014013702
FREN105LFrench Laboratory Level I1NZCCM:ZCCMSpring 2016016436
FREN107LFrench Laboratory Level III1NZCCM:ZCCMSpring 2016016438
FREN207LFrench Laboratory Level IV1NZCCM:ZCCMSpring 2016016439
FREN306Sex/Clss/Cltr Intrnl Shrt Stry3YGE:UDC,CCTP:DCGNSummer 2015013756
GEOG322California3NSUST:SFFall 2015013803
GEOG322MCalifornia Depth Experience1NSUST:SFFall 2015016098
GEOG363MPolitical Geography Depth Exp.1NSUST:SRNever Enrolled016748
GEOL460Solid Earth Geophysics3N
Spring 2016013882
GERM105LGerman Laboratory Level I1NZCCM:ZCCMFall 2015016432
GERM106LGerman Laboratory Level II1NZCCM:ZCCMSpring 2016016433
GERM107LGerman Laboratory Level III1NZCCM:ZCCMFall 2015016434
GERM207LGerman Laboratory Level IV1NZCCM:ZCCMSpring 2016016435
JMC326Investigative Reporting3N
Spring 2015011942
KINS378Sport in Society3NZCCM:NONESpring 2016014137
KINS575Advanced Sports Nutrition3N
Never Enrolled016869
Spring 2014014188
MUS423St. Oboe, Perf & Mus Ed1NZCCM:NONESpring 2013012118
MUS425St. Bassoon, Perf & Mus Ed1NZCCM:NONESpring 2014012120
MUS430St. Euphonium, Perf & Mus Ed1NZCCM:NONENever Enrolled012125
MUS431St. Tuba, Perf & Mus Ed1NZCCM:NONESpring 2016012126
MUS434St. Viola, Perf & Mus Ed1NZCCM:NONENever Enrolled012129
MUS436St. String Bass, Perf & Mus Ed1NZCCM:NONESpring 2016012131
MUS454Expanded Repertoire1NZCCM:NONENever Enrolled016659
NAS361Tribal Sovereignty/Citizens3N
Spring 2022012294
Spring 2013012320
PE118Bowling1NZCCM:NONESpring 2016010665
PHYX104SDescriptive Astronomy4YGE:CSU B1,GE:CSU B3,CSLI:RNever Enrolled016824
PHYX490Senior Thesis1-3NZCCM:NONENever Enrolled014630
PS103Area E Placeholder3N
Never Enrolled016878
PSCI690Master's Thesis1-6N
Spring 2011014750
PSYC550Intro to Institution Research4NONL:ONLINESpring 2016016516
PSYC691Comprehensive Exam0N
Never Enrolled016608
RS321Sacred Lit-New Testament3NZCCM:ZCCMFall 2015011022
SED710Elementary Methods3NTCPI:YNever Enrolled016901
SED756Biling/ESL Theory & Mthds Sem1NTCPI:YFall 2015012524
SOC321Sociology of Sport4N
Never Enrolled012561
SOC466Migration & the Global Economy4N
Never Enrolled016863
SOC586Community Action Research3N
Never Enrolled016906
SOC682Teaching Internship1-3NINT:INT,ZCCM:ZCCMFall 2011012624
SP116Peer Community1-2N
Fall 2013016133
SPAN106LSpanish Laboratory Level II1NZCCM:ZCCMSpring 2016016429
SPAN107LSpanish Laboratory Level III1NZCCM:ZCCMSpring 2016016430
SPAN207LSpanish Laboratory Level IV1NZCCM:ZCCMSpring 2016016431
SPAN306Sex/Clss/Cltr Intrnl Shrt Stry3YGE:UDC,CCTP:DCGNSpring 2011014973
WLDF300BWildlife Ecology & Management3YGE:UDB,SUST:SFSpring 2016015459
WLDF426Field Trip1-3N
Spring 2015015430
WS465CMulticultural Issues in Lit4YCCTP:DCGNNever Enrolled011281
WSHD333Wildland Water Quality3NSUST:SRSpring 2014015499
ZOOL556Marine Mammals4N
Fall 2014015548
ZOOL560Advanced Mammalogy4N
Spring 2014015550

The following is a list of courses that have been suspended for at least 6 years. Please mark RETAIN for any course that should be retained (courses that the program will offer in the future) and mark DELETE for any course that should be permanently deleted from the database.
Please submit to your college dean (via email or a separate document) a brief justification for each course you wish to retain. The dean will then notify Academic Programs of decisions.

All Subjects Courses in the Fall 2022 catalog which have been SUSPENDED at least 6 years
courses_not_offered report generated: 19-SEP-22
Last Enrolled
AIE345Amer Indians in Higher Educ3N
Never Enrolled011286
AIE435AIE: Counseling Issues3YCCTP:DCGDNever Enrolled011289
AIE491Fieldwork American Indian Educ1-3N
Never Enrolled011290
ANTH610History Anthropological Theory4N
Never Enrolled012925
ART310Aegean, Greek and Roman Art4N
Summer 2010011313
ART312Italian Renaissance Art4N
Spring 2012011315
ART313Northern Renaissance Art4N
Fall 2011011316
ART314Baroque & Rococo4N
Fall 2010011317
ART316Early 20th Century Art4N
Fall 2012011319
ART317Modern & Contemporary Art4N
Fall 2011011320
ART318History of Photography4N
Spring 2010011321
Never Enrolled012962
BIOL336Field Biology1-3N
Never Enrolled012965
Never Enrolled012969
BIOL383Intro to Undergrad Research1N
Never Enrolled012973
BIOL417Pathogenic Bacteriology3N
Never Enrolled012980
BIOL425Advanced Molecular Biology3N
Never Enrolled016135
Never Enrolled016137
BIOL465Immunology & Serology3N
Never Enrolled012989
BIOL493Clinical Science2N
Never Enrolled012993
BIOL525Advanced Molecular Biology3N
Never Enrolled016136
Never Enrolled016138
BIOL540Advanced Genetics2N
Never Enrolled012998
Never Enrolled012999
BIOL562Scanning Elec Microscope Tech2N
Never Enrolled013006
BOT301Fundamentals of Horticulture3YGE:UDBNever Enrolled011460
BOT351Aquatic Plants2N
Never Enrolled011465
BOT450Advanced Plant Taxonomy3N
Never Enrolled011478
BOT454Freshwater Algae3N
Never Enrolled011479
BOT514Environmental Plant Physiology4N
Never Enrolled011484
BOT520Plant Tissue Culture4N
Never Enrolled011485
BOT530Alpine Ecology3N
Never Enrolled011487
BOT531Advanced Plant Ecology4N
Never Enrolled011488
Never Enrolled011491
Never Enrolled011493
Never Enrolled011494
BOT559Advanced Mycology4N
Never Enrolled011495
CD334Maternal and Child Nutrition3N
Never Enrolled010145
CD461Early Childhood Administration1-3N
Never Enrolled010162
CD690Master's Thesis1-4N
Never Enrolled010176
CHEM104Chemistry & Society3YGE:CSU B1,SUST:SFNever Enrolled013079
CHEM117Nursing Chemistry1N
Spring 2011013085
CHEM305Environmental Chemistry3YGE:UDB,SUST:SRNever Enrolled013087
CHEM421Advanced Organic Chemistry1-3N
Never Enrolled013111
CHEM422Advanced Organic Laboratory1-2N
Never Enrolled013112
CHIN390Chinese Cultural Heritage Sem4N
Never Enrolled016020
COMM102Intro to Argumentation3YGE:CSU A3Fall 2009013163
Never Enrolled016414
CS310Database for Non-Majors4N
Never Enrolled011581
EDUC210Current Issues in Schools3N
Never Enrolled013244
EDUC310Education For A Livable World3N
Never Enrolled013248
EDUC311How We Learn3N
Never Enrolled013249
EDUC583Teaching in Higher Education3N
Fall 2009013267
EDUC624Theories & Models Read & Writ3N
Never Enrolled013275
EDUC625Dev. of Phon. & Orthogr. Knowl3N
Never Enrolled013276
EDUC626Literacy Asses & Evaluation3N
Never Enrolled013277
EDUC627Diagnosis Read & Writing Diff3N
Never Enrolled013278
EDUC628Remediation Read & Writing3N
Never Enrolled013279
Never Enrolled013280
Never Enrolled013334
EDUC665Qual Methods In Educ Resrch3N
Never Enrolled013288
EDUC681Quantitative Educ Methods3N
Spring 2012013290
EDUC719Teacher Computer Competency2N
Never Enrolled013304
EED729Reading Curr & Methods4N
Never Enrolled011677
EED757Advanced Student Teaching1-10N
Never Enrolled011690
Never Enrolled011691
EED790Supervised Field Experience1-3N
Never Enrolled011692
ENGL683Internship in Business Writing2NINT:INTNever Enrolled013491
ENVS110Intro to Environmental Science3NSUST:SFSpring 2016016044
ENVS220Intro to Environmental Policy3NSUST:SFSpring 2016016061
FISH170Hatchery Practicum2N
Never Enrolled013676
FISH426Field Trip1N
Never Enrolled013689
FISH440Early LIfe History of Fishes4N
Spring 2010016000
FISH473Wastewater Aquaculture3NSUST:SRNever Enrolled013698
FISH597Mentoring & Teachng Assoc Trng1-4N
Never Enrolled013717
GEOG104World Regional Geography3YGE:CSU DNever Enrolled013784
GEOG300MGlobal Awareness Depth Exper1NSUST:SFNever Enrolled016096
GEOG309ISilk Road3YGE:UDDNever Enrolled013842
GEOG344South America3YCCTP:DCGN,SUST:SFNever Enrolled013811
GEOG344MSouth America Depth Experience1NSUST:SFNever Enrolled016099
GEOG361Settlement Geography3N
Never Enrolled013819
GEOG361MSettlement Geography Depth Exp1N
Never Enrolled016105
GEOL108The Dynamic Earth3YGE:CSU B1,GE:CSU B3,SUST:SRFall 2010013849
GEOL491Senior Thesis1N
Spring 2017013893
HED500Cardiac Rehabilitation3N
Never Enrolled011910
KINS585Issues in American Sprt Cultur3N
Never Enrolled014178
MATH225Linear Alg. & Diff. Equations3N
Never Enrolled014273
MATH446Logic & Set Theory3N
Never Enrolled014307
MATH451Adv. Numeric Analys (4) S.4N
Never Enrolled014308
MUS102Jazz and America3YGE:CSU C1Spring 2014011991
MUS109PPercussion1YGE:CSU C1Never Enrolled012204
MUS377Reed Making1N
Never Enrolled012102
NAS327Nat Tribes of No. Amer Regions3YCCTP:DCGDSpring 2012012277
OCN274Marine Field Techniques2N
Never Enrolled012336
OCN306Global Environmental Issues3YGE:UDB,SUST:SFNever Enrolled012340
OCN321Physical Oceanography II3N
Never Enrolled012343
OCN430Marine Pollution3NSUST:SRNever Enrolled012350
Never Enrolled012358
OCN510Estuarine Ecology3N
Never Enrolled012359
OCN511Marine Primary Production3N
Never Enrolled012360
OCN535Marine Microbial Ecology3N
Never Enrolled012361
OCN540Marine Sedimentation3N
Never Enrolled012362
OCN544Beach and Nearshore Processes3N
Never Enrolled012363
PE215Body Conditioning1N
Never Enrolled010728
PE228Fishing the North West2N
Fall 2009010739
PSYC434Death, Dying and Grief3N
Never Enrolled016455
PSYC545Psychological Testing4N
Never Enrolled014839
PSYC648Statistics Consultation1-3N
Never Enrolled014864
REC110Beginning Kayaking2N
Never Enrolled012380
SED732Secondary Curric Inst: Bus2N
Never Enrolled012503
SED757Advanced Student Teaching4-12N
Never Enrolled012525
SOC345New Media and Society4N
Spring 2013012566
SOC420Social Change4NSUST:SRNever Enrolled012578
SP119UnivSem for 1st Time Frosh1N
Never Enrolled011138
SP121Community Volunteering1N
Spring 2012016134
SP122Student Success2N
Never Enrolled011140
SP253Residence Hall Peer Leadership3N
Never Enrolled016009
SP255Issues in Community Volunteer1N
Never Enrolled016010
SP285Beginning Academic Research1N
Never Enrolled011145
SP319Univ Sem 1st Time Tranf Stdnts1N
Never Enrolled011146
SP401Final Interdisciplinry Project1-3N
Never Enrolled011150
SP420Course Experiment1-3N
Never Enrolled011152
SP55Academic Writing Preparation1NONL:ONLINENever Enrolled016316
SP683College Faculty Preparation3N
Never Enrolled011157
SP684Orient. to Higher Education1N
Spring 2010011158
SP685Instr Res for High Ed: Capst2N
Spring 2010011159
SPED651Prof Devel. in Special Educ.2N
Fall 2010015004
SPED655Adv Stud. in Lrng Disabilities3N
Never Enrolled015008
SPED656Advanced Studies: Severe3N
Never Enrolled015041
SPED661Reflctve Spec Ed Practitioner2N
Spring 2011015009
SPED704Advanced Clinicl Fieldwork1N
Fall 2011015012
SPED732Practicum: Classroom Mngmnt1N
Spring 2012015021
SPED757Adv. Stud. in Sec. Sp. Educ.3N
Never Enrolled015042
Never Enrolled011220
WLDF300Wildlife Ecology & Management3YGE:UDB,SUST:SFFall 2009015409
WLDF302Environmental Ethics3YGE:UDC,SUST:SFNever Enrolled015411
WLDF347Museum Techniques Lab2N
Never Enrolled015424
WLDF497Wildlife Ethics, Indep Study1NSUST:SRNever Enrolled015446
Never Enrolled015526
Never Enrolled015527
ZOOL352Natural History of Vertebrates4N
Never Enrolled015528
ZOOL359Forest Entomology3N
Never Enrolled015532
ZOOL372Vertebrate Evolution3N
Never Enrolled015534
ZOOL374Intro to Human Anatomy4N
Spring 2012015535
Never Enrolled015539
Never Enrolled015541
ZOOL510Advanced Physiology2N
Never Enrolled015544
ZOOL510LAdvanced Physiology Lab1-2N
Never Enrolled015578
ZOOL532Advanced Animal Behavior2N
Never Enrolled015546