ODD fields - Data Dictionary for On-Demand-Datasets
oddfield report generated: 09-SEP-13
Anumber of A grades
academic_levelclass level code (10=Frosh, 20=Soph, . . . , 50=Postbac)
acadStandingacademic standing during term (from previous term)
acadStanding_EOTacademic standing at the end of the term
acadStand_springacademic standing at the end of the following Spring
acad_planacademic plan code
acad_progacademic program
acad_standingacademic standing at the beginning of a term
acad_yearacademic year (yyyy) [matches Fall semester]
accepttotal amount of financial aid accepted
acceptFAstudent has accepted financial aid
acceptSUGstudent has accepted State University Grant
acceptSUG_tdstudent has accepted a Student University Grant
accountfiscal account
acstandacademic standing (GOOD, PROB, REIN, DISQ, or blank if a new student)
acstand_EOTacademic standing at end of term (GOOD, PROB, REIN, DISQ)
acstand_EOYacademic standing at end of year (GOOD, PROB, REIN, DISQ)
acstand_fallacademic standing after last Fall semester
acstand_springacademic standing after last Spring semester
actprogram action code
ACTcompmaximum ACT composite score
ACTeligACT eligibility index
ACTenglmaximum score on english portion of the ACT test
actionprogram action code
action_dtprogram action date
activeactive prospect (not withdrawn, denied, or no longer interested in attending)
activitieslist of activity codes
ACTmathmaximum score on math portion of the ACT test
act_dtactivity date when data was last entered or updated
adbasadmission basis code
address1_crmstreet address line 1
address2_crmstreet address line 2
address_line_1_fixedstreet address line 1 from Hobsons user
address_line_2_fixedstreet address line 2 from Hobsons user
address_typewhich address type is shown
addr_dteffective date of current mailing address
add_class_dtdate class was added
ADF_dtdate application decision form was generated
admithas applicant been admitted (Y/N)
admittermTerm a student was first admitted to HSU
admit_classapplicant student level for housing file
admit_dtdate of admission
admit_statushousing status of applicant
admit_termterm a student was admitted to a particular program (ignores returning applications)
admit_termcodeterm a student was admitted to a particular program (ignores returning applications)
admit_termdescriptterm a student was admitted to a particular program (ignores returning applications)
admit_termnameterm a student was admitted to a particular program (ignores returning applications)
admit_term_crm4-digit CS term code used in Hobsons communications
admit_term_user4-digit CS term code possibly edited by prospective student in Hobsons
admit_typeCS admit_type (1=continuing, 2=returning, 3=returning with units, 4=transfer, 5=new, 6=transitory)
adothrY/N if has ADOTHR checklist item missing
adtermsderived from multiple applicant flag fields
advDepartdepartment assigned to instructor/advisor
advDepcodedepartment code assigned to instructor/advisor
advHoldadvising hold exists (Y/N)
advisoradvisor's name (Last FM)
advisorscomma-separated list of advisor names
advNoadvisor #
advRoleadvisor role (ADVR, EOPA, THES)
advserve_falladvising service dates last Fall semester
advserve_springadvising service dates last Spring semester
affiliationmid-semester group affiliations, comma-separated, ATHL, EOP, SSS, LC, etc.
ageage of student
AGIadjusted gross income
aidyearfinancial aid year (2010 = 2009-10)
allmajcodeslist of all major codes associated with a particular degree
altadmitderived from adbas
amerindstudent listed American Indian as one of their races
amount(will someone please tell Ward what this field contains besides numbers from 0 to 14)
amtamount for student fee
apphas propsect applied (Y/N)
appfeestatapplication fee status
APPnoCS application number
apptypeapplicant type [F=First-time UG, L=LD Transfer, U=UD Transfer, R=Returning UG, M=Masters, C=C. . .
apptypeletapplicant type [F,L,U,R,M,C,B,P,N]
app_daysagointeger reflecting how many days ago is the app_dt
app_dtapplication date
apstatusdescription of current application status
arrivedate arrive on campus for HOP
asianstudent listed Asian as one of their races
ASLAmerican Sign Language
athaidY/N is the student receiving athletic aid
athaidsportsport that gave athletic aid to a student
athstatuscurrent athletic partipation status
autoevalwas the application processed by auto-eval process (Y/N)
aynameacademic year name (e.g. 2002-03)
Bnumber of B grades
BAfailedBusiness core classes failed
BApassedBusiness core classes passed
base_CNcourse number for base supplemental instruction course
base_coursecourse (subj ###) for which supplemental instruction is offered
belowCgrade less than C-
belowDgrade less than D-
billingthe office that was billed for a service
birthdate2birthdate in yyyymmdd format
birthmmddyyyybirthdate in mmddyyyy format
birth_crmHobsons format birthdate
blackstudent listed black as one of their races
blankblank field for student tracker data files
branchstudent tracker school branch code
bridgeis this a "Bridge" student (Y/N)
Cnumber of C grades
calpass_cls_unitsunits in a particular class formatted for calpass
calpass_csuffixcourse suffix for calpass
calpass_degreedegree code for calpass
calpass_earnedtotal units earned toward degree formatted for calpass
calpass_earned_HSUunits earned at HSU toward degree formatted for calpass
calpass_earned_termunits earned this term toward degree formatted for calpass
calpass_enrstatenrollment status codes for calpass
calpass_ethethnicity codes for calpass
calpass_GPAoverall GPA for courses taken before this term formatted for calpass
calpass_GPA_termGPA for classes taken this term at HSU formatted for calpass
calpass_levelstudent level codes for calpass
calpass_unitsnumber of non-audit units a student is enrolled in formatted for calpass
calpass_xfer_earnedtransfer units earned formatted for calpass
calpass_xfer_GPAtransfer gpa formatted for calpass
canceltotal amount of financial aid offers that were cancelled
cand_termterm a masters student advanced to candidacy
capmaximum capacity
careerstudent "career": UGRD or PBAC
careernocareer number
cashier_holdexistence of a CSH negative service indicator
CEEBCEEB institution code
cenregregistered at census
censusY/N flag if here at census
cenunitscensus units
chargedsum of positive amounts in item_sf
chargelistcomma-separated list of charged item codes in item_sf
childcarenumber of children
cip6 digit code cip code of major in XXXXXX format
cip16 digit code cip code of major in XXXXXX format of first diploma major
cip26 digit code cip code of major in XXXXXX format of second diploma major
cip36 digit code cip code of major in XXXXXX format of third diploma major
cipcodecipcode xx.xxxx
citcitizenship code from ERSS file
citizenshipcitizenship (US Citizen, green card, F Visa, etc.)
citizenship_statuscitizenship status code (US Citizen, green card, F Visa, etc.)
citizen_cdcitizenship code from ERSS table
citymailing address
city_crmcity for Hobsons official use
city_fixedcity from Hobsons user
classacademic level:class name (e.g. 20:Sophomore)
classeslist of registered classes
class_admitclass at the time of admission
class_on_app0 (0-30 units), 1 (30-60 units), . . . From Mentor application
cls_allunitsall units in a class (includes EE and audits)
cls_depcodeclass department
cls_eeunitsEE units in a class
cls_termterm for a particular class
cls_unitsunits in a particular class
CNclass number (equivalent to Banner CRN)
CNCcourse taken for credit/no credit
CN_SIsupplemental instruction course number
cohortcohort name
colcodetwo-character college code of first major
colcodescomma-separated list of college codes associate with student's major(s) (values: AU, HS, NS, PS)
collegecollege of first major
college_codeExternal Org ID for college previously attended stored in Hobsons
commencenamename to print on commencement list (includes trailing * for honors)
complete_dtdate an application is completed - generally the ADF or PRCL date
concentrationname of first major option/concentration for this study field
concentration2name of second option/conentration attached to this study field
conditionalis this a conditional admit (Y/N)
confirmhas admit indicated an intent to enroll (Y/N)
connect_idhobsons id
contact_hourscontact hours
contact_nbrcontact number
contact_typewhat kind of person record (prospect, parent, counselor)
countrymailing address
country_citcountry of citizenship
country_crmcountry for Hobsons official use
country_fixedcountry from Hobsons user
coursecourse subject and number
coursenohigh school course number
courseslist of registered courses
course_SIsupplemental instruction course (subj ####)
credentialcredential name
creditscourse or class credit units
credorderorder column for credential commencement list
crsmancourse manually entered?
CSISid number for student assigned to or by the first CA district in which the student enrolled b. . .
CSU Mentor #number from electronic application download
csuappnoCSU application #
CT_courseGE critical thinking course
CT_gradeGE critical thinking course grade
CT_instGE critical thinking course institution
CT_termGE critical thinking course term
CT_unitsGE critical thinking course semester units
Dnumber of D grades
DATAactionconstant "DATA"
ddenyY/N for has DENY/DDNY in their application stack
deceasedY/N field is person is deceased
degcodedegree code (BA, BS, MA, MS, etc) without number identifier
deghonordegree honor granted
degmajdegree ~ major; used for masters commencement bulletin
degnamedegree name (e.g. Bachelor of Science)
degnodegree number
degreedegree code from CS
degree_lastdegree code for last degree awarded or sought
degree_termdegree term for last degree awarded or sought
degree_term_lastterm for the last degree awarded or sought
degStatusdegree status (sought, awarded, denied)
degStatus_lastdegree status for last degree awarded or sought
deny_holddate string for active hold DN/DENY
departdate depart from campus from HOP
departmentdepartment of first major
depcodedepartment code
depcodeslist of department codes that student's majors are in
dependentdependent status (D or I)
descriptionprogram action description
dipdatediploma date - spelled out for diploma printing
dipholdY if a hold exists which blocks diploma printing (GRAD)
dipmajorslist of diploma major descriptions separated by "and"s
dipnamename to print on a diploma
disbursetotal amount of financial aid disbursed
disciplinegeneral grouping of a student's major from the CIP
disq_semesters_offnumber of semesters off after being disqualifed for a given term and career
dob_fixeddate of birth from Hobsons user
droppedwas this class dropped (Y/N)
dssprimary disabled student service
dssgroupmembership in DSS student group
dssoptionscomma-separated list of accomodation options
earnedtotal units earned toward degree
earned_fallunits earned toward degree last Fall semester
earned_first_fallunits earned during a student's first Fall semester
earned_first_springunits earned during a student's first Spring semester
earned_HSUunits earned at HSU toward degree
earned_springunits earned toward degree last Spring semester
earned_summerunits earned toward degree last Summer semester
earned_termunits earned this term toward degree
ed_fatherfather's education level
ed_mothermother's education level
eeExtended Ed Student Y-yes or N-no
EFCamount of expected family contribution
elig_nonresY/N meets eligibility for non CA resident
elig_resY/N meets eligibility for CA resident
ELMELM total score
ELMEPTELM/EPT combined need code
ELMEPTprgrsELM/EPT progress code
ELMEPT_dtlast date student took the ELM or the EPT
ELMEPT_overrideELM or EPT needed override
ELMstatEntry Level Mathematics status - 1,2,3 => needs remediation; other values explain why exempt
ELM_firstfirst Entry Level Math score
ELM_lastlast Entry Level Math score (if different from first)
emailpreferred email address
email_crmemail address for Hobsons official use
email_fixedemail from Hobsons user
email_opt_out_fixedemail opt out from Hobsons user
EMPLIDthe HSU ID (without hyphens)
end_dtend of HOP session
ENGLprofhighest english proficiency student group
ENGLremEnglish remediation status (text)
enrollednumber of students enrolled
enrolled_365was this person enrolled at HSU in the past 365 days
enroll_classstudent level for housing file
enroll_statusstudent status for housing file: E)ligible, R)egistered, W)ithdrawn, N)ot eligible
enroll_termstudent last enrollment term for housing file
enrstatenrollment status: 1-Continuing,2-Returning,3-Returning Transfer,4-Transfer,5-First-time,6-Tr. . .
entry_termterm name of admit term (Fall/Spring/Summer)
entry_yearyear of admit term
EOPY if in an EOP student group
EOPappis the applicant an EOP application? (Y/N)
EOPreviewIs the application in EOP review? (Y/N)
eop_admitadmitted by EOP (Y/N)
EOP_advisorEOP advisor name
EOP_appchecklist value for EOP
EOP_app_dtdate on EOP APP checklist item
EOP_dependentdependent status reported to EOP
EOP_dtdate of last EOP record change
EOP_EligY if EOP eligible
EOP_ERSvalue of EOP status field on ERS subform
EOP_estincestimate income from EOP form
EOP_familyfamily size reported to EOP
EOP_incomeincome from EOP form
EOP_interestY if expressed interest in EOP
EOP_LoR1checklist value for EOP letter of recommendation 1
EOP_LoR1_dtdate on EOP LR1 checklist item
EOP_LoR2checklist value for EOP letter of recommendation 2
EOP_LoR2_dtdate on EOP LR2 checklist item
EOP_prior_CSUprior CSU from EOP form
EOP_reasondescription of last EOP action reason
EOP_residencyresidency from EOP form
EPTEPT total score
EPTstatEnglish Proficiency status - 1,2,3 => needs remediation, other values explain why exempt
EPT_compoEPT composition subscore
EPT_essayEPT essay subscore
EPT_firstfirst English Placement Test score
EPT_lastlast English Placement Test score (if different from first)
EPT_readEPT reading subscore
ESPearly start program participation (B=both, E=English, M=math)
ESPE_gradegrade (CR/NC) from ESP writing
ESPM_gradegrade (CR/NC) from ESP math
ESP_ELMgaingain in ELM score after taking ESP math
ESP_englEarly start English code from ERSS (1=completed, 7=not, 2-6 exemptions)
ESP_mathEarly start math code from ERSS (1=completed, 7=not, 2-6 exemptions)
ESP_notearly start program non-compliance
ESP_schoolschool code where student signed up to take ESP (30=HSU)
ethchoiceethnicity selected by student
ethgrpethnic group code
ethnicold CSU ethnic code
ethnicityprimary ethnic group (collapsed from original ethnic code to six major groups)
ethnicity_lastethnicity before the current one
ethnic_dtlast date in ethnic history
eth_hobsonsethnic group code used in Hobsons/prospects (1-8)
eval_statusstatus after auto-evaluation
excadmitexception admit (Y/N)
excelIDversion of student ID that will display leading 0s in Excel
exceptexception basis code
exclusionNCAA allowable exclusion (disabled, military, foreign service, mission)
Fnumber of F grades
FAFSAapplied for financial aid for this aid year
FAFSA_dtdate FAFSA was completed
FAFSA_lastapplied for financial aid last aid year
fallgradehigh school fall grade
famsizefamily size
fed_aidamount of federal financial aid disbursed
feewaiverstate fee waiver code and short description
fee_wvrERSS fee waiver code: 01=Cal Vet, 03=CSU employee, 04=CSU Dependents, 05=Over60 06=High School
FERPAhas student requested confidentiality
fhunpapplicant's First-time HSU User Name Password from "Admissions" External System ID in CS
fidfiscal id
finaidstudent received financial aid (Y/N)
firstfirst name of student
firstgenfirst generation student: neither parent graduated from a 4-year college
firstlastprefix first last, suffix
firstmlastprefix first mi last, suffix
first_name_crmfirst name for Hobsons official use
first_name_fixedfirst name from Hobsons user
first_termfirst term a student was enrolled in college (at any school)
fisamountamount of student fees
fiscatfiscal category (WUE, CAres, nonRes)
fislevfiscal level (UGRD, Cred, other PB)
fol_dtdate attached to FOL service (folder label)
foreign_postal_code_crmnon-US postal code for Hobsons communications
foreign_postal_code_usernon-US postal code from Hobsons user
foreign_state_crmnon-US state for Hobsons communications
foreign_state_usernon-US state from Hobsons user
from_dtdate student began attending another school
FTEfull-time equivalent students (fraction of 12 units for Masters, fraction of 15 for all others)
FTE_ERSSfull-time equivalents from the ERSS staging table
FTE_unitsunits taken from the ERSS staging table
FTFTUG_ERSSY if first-time, full-time, student in ERSS file
FTnoshowfirst-time undergraduate applicant who did not enroll
FTUGcohortY if in Fall first-time full-time undergraduate cohort
fulltimeY if full-time student (>= 9 units for Masters, >= 12 units for all others)
fulltime_feesgreater than 6 units
future_prospectis the prospects admit_term more than a year into the future? (Y/N)
gecritfirst character of ge_ct
GEearnedGE earned units (D or better)
geenglfirst character of ge_wc
gemathfirst character of ge_mq
genderMale or Female
gender_fixedgender from Hobsons user
gespeefirst character of ge_oc
GE_ctGeneral education - critical thinking met (Y/N or I for in-progress)
GE_mqGeneral education - math/quantitative reasoning require met (Y/N or I for in-progress)
GE_ocGeneral education - oral communication met (Y/N or I for in-progress)
GE_wcGeneral education - writing/composition requirement met (Y/N or I for in-progress)
GPAoverall GPA for courses taken before this term
gpa2overall GPA during a particular term, not including the current term
GPA_after_springGPA after the following Spring semester
GPA_fallGPA earned last Fall semester
GPA_HSUoverall GPA for classes taken at HSU
GPA_last_termGPA at the end of student's last term of attendance
gpa_remedGPA for remedial coursework
GPA_springGPA earned last Spring semester
GPA_summerGPA earned last Summer semester
GPA_termGPA for classes taken this term at HSU
GPA_unitsunits taken the term that are counted in the GPA (excludes CR/NC and remedial)
GPA_xferGPA transferred from other schools
gradgrad flag for Hobsons' upload
gradegrade a student received in a course
gradeletcourse grade with the + or - removed
gradelevhigh school grade level
grade_SIgrade received in supplemental instruction
graduatereceived a degree
grad_app_dtdate a student applied to graduate
grad_dtdate of graduation (from HSU for students; from high school or transfer institution for applicants)
grad_in_3graduated in 3 years or less
grad_in_4graduated in 4 years or less
grad_in_5graduated in 5 years or less
grad_in_6graduated in 6 years or less
grad_in_7graduated in 7 years or less
grad_in_8graduated in 8 years or less
grad_termterm student graduated or has applied to graduate
grant_aidtotal amount of grant aid disbursed
grant_cancelamount of financial aid grant offers that were cancelled
grant_offertotal amount of Grants offered
GRSsportscholarship sport during student's first year at HSU
GWPEgraduate writing proficiency has been passed (Y/N)
GWPE_attempts# of attempts at graduate writing proficiency exam
high_school_codeExternal Org ID for high school previously attended stored in Hobsons
hispanicone of a student's races is hispanic
hispcathispanic/latino detail
hisp_apHispanic value from Mentor application
hisp_reHispanic value from ethnic resurvey
honors* if a graduate is receiving academic honors
HOOPdonefinished HOOP/has HP+ service indicator (Y/N)
HOOPeligis the applicant eligible to go through HOOP? (Y/N)
HOOPreghas the applicant registered for HOOP? (Y/N)
HOOPregdatedate on which an applicant registered for HOOP
HOPwill partipate in HOP
hourhour in the day: 0-23
housingdep_tdhousing deposit was paid by a comparable date
housing_depstudent has paid a housing deposit
housing_holdSHF or SPH hold exists for for this student
housing_statusstatus codes for housing
housing_typestudent type for housing, either New, Transfer, or Continuing
hsgpahigh school gpa
HSU_IDHSU ID (aka EMPLID) with a hyphen
HS_GPAhigh school GPA
icontactinitial contact code
IDstudent ID
id_statustype of id submitted for calpass S= ssn, C= campus assigned
inCohortfield required in NCAA GSR upload file
initial_dateinitial date of contact with a prospect
inProgressnumber of units in progress
instrIDEMPLID for primary instructor
instructorprimary instructor
inst_aidamount of institutional financial aid disbursed
inst_idIPEDS institution number for hsu
inst_originstution of origin for calpass
intent_tdapplicant confirmed intent to enroll by a comparable date
internationalis the application and international app? (Y/N)
intlfield contains INTL for foreign students (residency=F), blank otherwise
IPEDScitethIPEDS ethnicity (with Nonres Alien category) as reported in ERSS
IPEDSciteth2IPEDS ethnicity (with Nonres Alien category)
IPEDSciteth_cscitizenship/ethnicity according to ethnic history table in CS
IPEDSciteth_ERSSIPEDS categories reported in ERSS
ipedsethour calculated value for the IPEDS race value
ipedsracethe race value the CSU reports in ERSS
isourceinitial source of prospect (collapsed version of icontact)
itemnamelong name for item
itemshortshort name for item
item_amountitem amount for student fees
item_typefiscal item_type number, preceded by a #
journal_datedate of fiscal transaction to journal
keyodd view key
lastlast name of student
lastactlast program action/reason
lastactdtdate of last program action
lastdegaftername of last degree shown in Clearinghouse data after leaving HSU
lastEOPactlast EOP application program action/reason
last_namestudent's last name
last_name_crmlast name for Hobsons official use
last_name_fixedlast name from Hobsons user
last_self_qualthe last self-qualification we have for this prospect from extracurricular activities in CS o. . .
last_termlast term a student registered for classes
last_updatedate record was last updated
lateappis the application late? (Y/N)
LC_servicescount of Learning Center services provided by term
ldivderived from adbas
leftEligibleathlete transferred to another school while still eligible to play
limitedless than 6 units
loan_aidtotal amount of loans disbursed
loan_cancelamount of financial aid loan offers that were cancelled
loan_offertotal amount of Loans offered
localis the address local? (Y/N)
lodgingwill need lodging
low_incomefamily's taxable income (total-standard deduction) less than 150% federal poverty level
LPMLatino Peer mentoring section
majcodemajor code (first four characters of academic plan)
majcode2major code for 2nd major
majcode3major code for 3rd major
majcodeslist of majors (codes)
majcodes_after1major codes 1 year later
majcodes_finalthe final majcodes value for a student in a particular academic program
majcode_after1major code after a student's first semester
majcode_origmajor code from application
majormajor on application or first major in student record
major1major name or blank for MBA and MSW
major1_crmmajor code 1 for Hobsons official use
major1_crm_descrmajor description 1 for Hobsons official use
major1_usermajor code selected by user first in Hobsons
major2name of second major
major2_crmmajor code 2 for Hobsons official use
major2_crm_descrmajor description 2 for Hobsons official use
major2_usermajor code selected by user second in Hobsons
major3name of third major
major3_crmmajor code 3 for Hobsons official use
major3_crm_descrmajor description 3 for Hobsons official use
major3_usermajor code selected by user third in Hobsons
major4name of fourth major
major5name of fifth major
majorseither "a major in" or "majors in", depending on the number of distinct diploma majors
majors_listcomma separated list of major codes in which a prospect is interested
major_contractmajor contract is on file
major_fallMajor code(s) at census last fall semester
major_springmajor code(s) at census last Spring semester
MATHprofhighest math proficiency student group
MATHremMath remediation status (text)
matricmatriculation term code (first-term degree-seeking)
matricAYacademic year when student first matriculated
matricTermmatriculation term name
matricTypeapplicant type for student in the term they first matriculated
maxdegaftermaximum degree received after leaving HSU
maxUnitsmaximum units a student is allowed to register for
MBAY if MBA student
mimiddle initial of student
middlemiddle name of student
middle_namemiddle name
middle_name_crmmiddle name for Hobsons official use
middle_name_fixedmiddle name from Hobsons user
mil_dependentmilitary dependent
mincodeslist of minors (codes)
mincodes_after1minor codes 1 year later
missinganyis the applicant missing anything? (Y/N)
missing_itemsincomplete items on the checklist
misssigmissing something significant? (Y/N)
monthmonth of the year (01-Jan, 02-Feb, 12-Dec)
MQ_courseGE math/quantitative transfer course
MQ_gradeGE math/quantitative transfer course grade
MQ_instGE math/quantitative transfer course college
MQ_termGE math/quantitative transfer course term
MQ_unitsGE math/quantitative transfer course units (converted to semesters)
multracemultiple race field from ERSS
namestudents name: last, first mi suffix
nativeY/N - began HSU as a first-time undergraduate
NCAAeligeligible to compete in NCAA sport
NCAAethNCAA ethnic codes (1-7.1)
NCAAethnicNCAA ethnic code and description
ncaaIDECID with characters added to keep leading 0s in Excel
NCAAsportNCAA sport code (examples: MBB, MFB, WSO, WVB)
NCAAtypeNCAA student-athlete type
ncaa_aidathletic scholarship dollars
needamount of financial aid need
needelmdoes the applicant need to take the ELM? (Y/N)
needenglneeds English remediation
needeptdoes the applicant need to take the EPT? (Y/N)
needESPsignup needed for Early Start Program status (E=need Engl, M=need math, B=need both, N=neither)
needESPregregistration needed for ESP (E,M,B,N)
needHStrando we need high school transcripts? (Y/N)
needmathneeds Math remediation
needremstudent needs remediation Y/N
needstickdoes the prospect need stickers from us? (Y/N)
newfoldermessage to print on folder label about existing PIP, FOL, or PUR service indicators
newinterestshas the prospect told us about interests since the last time we've emailed them? (Y/N), MAYBE. . .
newname_dtdate of last name change
nextcolname of next college attended after leaving HSU
nextcoltype2 or 4 year - type of first college attended after leaving HSU
noprofuturehas this prospect not received a PROFUTURE message for a future admit term? (Y/N), MAYBE OBSOLETE
noremstudent failed to complete remediation in Both, English, Math, or Neither
nosuffixdiploma name with the numeric suffix removed for printing on diplomas
nothingnewhas the prospect not asked for any new since last message? (Y/N), MAYBE OBSOLETE
nullssnblank out the ssn field
numbCourse or class number
numsuffixnumeric suffix
OC_courseGE oral communications transfer course
OC_gradeGE oral communications transfer course grade
OC_instGE oral communications transfer course instutition
OC_termGE oral communications transfer course term
OC_unitsGE oral communications transfer course semester units
ODD_dtdate a particular dataset was generated
offertotal amount of financial aid offered
officename of office providing service
oldnameprevious name, in case of name change
oncampusstudent lives on campus (Y/N)
optionsmajor codes connected to a particular study field
originschool of origin
origintypeschool type for institution of origin
origin_citycity of origin
origin_countrycountry of origin
origin_countycounty of origin
origin_feederwas the school of origin a "feeder" school for HSU?
origin_idinstitution ID for school of origin
origin_marketmarket for school of origin
origin_postalzip code for school of origin
origin_recruiterrecruiter responsible for school of origin
origin_regionregion of origin (part of California, other state, or foreign)
origin_regionordHobsons' field
origin_statestate where school of origin is located
orig_codeschool of origin code
orphanorphan - ward of the court
other_last_namesother last names
pacislstudent listed Pacific Islander as one of their races
paddr_dteffective date of permanent address
padpostedY/N whether PAD was posted
PADreasonconstant "PAD"
PAD_dtdate applicant became ready for a pad form (last transcript received date or checklist item c. . .
paidsum of negative amounts in item_sf
passedtotal units passed before the current term
passed_HSUunits passed at HSU before this term
paylistcomma-separated list of paid items in item_sf
pbderived from reclev_crm
pcitycity from permanent address
pcountrycountry from permanent address
PELLstudent was offered a PELL grant for this aid year
persistregistered at census of the next term
persist_1registered at census 1 year after this term
persist_2registered at census 2 years after this term
persist_3registered at census 3 years after this term
persist_4registered at census 4 years after this term
persist_5registered at census 5 years after this term
persist_6registered at census 6 years after this term
pfirstfirst three letters of students first name
phoneMAIL phone type
phone_crmphone number for Hobsons official use
phone_fixedphone number from Hobsons user
phone_homephone number with HOME phone type
phone_mailphone number with MAIL phone type
plansacademic plan codes
plan_b4summertransfer units an applicant plans to take before the following summer
plan_summertransfer units an applicant plans to take during the following summer
plastfirst three letters of students last name
pointsgrade points
postalzip code
postal_crmzip code for Hobsons official use
pphonepermanent phone number
prefixprefix to student's name where exists (Dr., Mrs., etc.)
primary_apprimary ethnic code from the Mentor application
primary_reprimary ethnic code from ethnic resurvey
programCS program (Banner level and degree)
programnoprogram number from application
prog_reasonprogram action reason
providerthe person who provided a service
provisionaladmission is provisional (Y/N)
pstatestate from permanent address
pstreet1street1 from permanent address
pstreet2street2 from permanent address
pzipzip from permanent address
racecnt_apnumber of distinct non-hispanic races from the application
racecnt_renumber of distinct non-hispanic races from the ethnic resurvey
racescomma separated list of racial group checked by individual
reasondescription of last program action/reason
received_dtdate transcript received
reclev_crmRecruitment Level used in Hobsons communications
reclev_userRecruitment Level specified by user in Hobsons (or CS)
recn_autohas auto-eval been reconsidered? (Y/N)
recordD1 record for student tracker data files
recruiterrecruiter code based on origin of student
reghas student registered (Y/N)
regactregistration action (add, drop, change, new)
regact_dtdate of registration action
reg_censusY/N - student was registered at census
reg_ERSSY/N field if reported in ERSS
reg_everY/N - student registered for classes for this semester (but maybe not at census)
reg_nextcensusY/N - student was enrolled at census next semester
reg_nowcurrently registered (perhaps EE)
reinstated_timesnumber of times a student has been reinstated after being disqualified as an undergraduate
relationrelationship to student
remedialcourse is remedial (Y/N)
remed_fallremedial units passed last Fall term
remed_fall_classesremedial classes passed last Fall
remed_passedremedial units passed this term
remed_springremedial units passed last Spring term
remed_spring_classesremedial classes passed last Spring
remed_summerremedial units passed last Summer term
remed_termremedial units attempted this term
requireESPstudent was required to enroll in Early Start Program
resfeeCalifornia resident for fee purposes (includes WUE, AB540, NSE, and some international exchan. . .
residencyresidence status (R, N, F, X, WUE, AB540)
resid_coderesidency code from ERS files
resid_statresidency status from ERS file (R,M,S,T,O,F)
res_statestate of residency from the ERSS file
returnHobsons' field
royall_idRoyall ID
rule12NCAA ineligible because of Rule of 12/24
rule6NCAA ineligible because of Rule of 6
rule75NCAA ineligible because of Rule 75/25
SATtotal of highest SAT math and verbal scores
SATeligSAT eligibility index
SATmathhighest SAT math score
SATverbhighest SAT verbal score
SATwritehighest SAT writing score
schol_aidtotal amount of scholarships disbursed
schol_cancelamount of financial aid scholarship offers that were cancelled
schol_offertotal amount of Scholarships offered
schoolname of school where student previously attended
schoolcodestudent tracker school code
search_dtyyyymmdd - the date used for clearinghouse searches
sectionsection # associated with a particular CN
sectitlesection title
selfQualprospect qualification scores (Q0=not interested, Q4=very interested)
selfregdid this student register themselves (as opposed to the registrar doing it)?
semBiolsemesters of HS biology
semElecsemesters of HS electives
semEnglsemesters of HS English
semesterFall, Spring, Summer
semForLsemesters of HS foreign language
semLabsemesters of HS lab science (physical science + biology)
semMathsemesters of HS math
semPhyssemesters of HS physical science
semSScisemesters of HS social science
semVPAsemesters of HS visual and performing arts
servenegnegative service indicators (semi-colon delimited)
servepospositive service indicators (semi-colon delimited)
servicecode of service provided
service_dtdate of service
service_indicatortilde delimited list of A&R service indicator/reason for Hobsons
service_namedescription of service provided
service_reasoncomma separated list of service indicator reasons for a student
sessorientation session
sex_crmgender for Hobsons official use
sfcodesstudy field codes associated with this degree (comma separated list)
sortnamediploma name as last suffix, first middle
sortorderfield which can be used to sort the output on several fields at once
source_codeSource Code for Hobsons CRM (similar to legacy contact category)
specialspecial requests
sportsport code
sport1a student's primary sport
sportscomma-separated list of sport codes
sport_aidthe NCAA sport group for which a student is receiving athletic aid
springgradehigh school spring grade
SSNSocial Security # with hyphens (123-45-6789)
SSN29 character SSN. SSN without hyphens
SSNxlast 4 digits of Social Security # (xxx-xx-1234)
Staffordstudent received a federal subsidized Stafford loan
start_dtstart of HOP session
statstatus of student fee
statemailing address
state_aidamount of state financial aid disbursed
state_crmstate for Hobsons official use
state_fixedstate of mailing address from Hobsons user
statustext description of the status of this student
statusappapplication status (01inq,02not,03app,04w,05c,06d,07ad,08nc,09wd,10int,11hop,12reg)
statusstustudent status (1-IE 2-WD 3-LV 4-EL 5-AD 6-CA 7-RE)
street1mailing address
street2mailing address
studentname of student associated with HOP guest
student_grouptilde-delimited list of Hobsons-related student groups
study_fieldstudy_field (base major)
study_field_after1Study Field after first year
stugroupstudent group code
stugroupsstudent groups (comma-delimited)
stugroups2list of student groups that includes DSS
stulevelclass level or postbac category (1-Frosh,2-Soph...6-Masters, 7-Credential, 8-2nd BA, 9-Other . . .
stuservicescounts of services provided by term
stutypestudent type: 1)continuing 2)returning 3)transfer 4)new 5)transitory
subjCourse or Class subject code
subjecthigh school subject
suffixsuffix of student's name (II, III, IV, Jr., etc.)
SUGY if received a State University Grant
sumBridgestudent is in the summer bridge student group
summer2gradehigh school summer grade
summergradehigh school summr 2 grade
termcodeCS 4-digit termcode
termdescriptcode:semester YYYY (e.g. 2084:Fall 2008)
termnamethe term name without the preceeding term code (e.g. Fall 2008)
terms_offterms off between a term and the previously enrolled term
term_coursethe term a course was taken
term_firstfirst term a student was active in a student group
term_lastlast term a student was active in a student group
testtest code (e.g. SAT, ACT)
testpartpart of test taken (e.g. VERB, MATH)
testscorehighest score ever received on this test
test_dtdate test was taken
thesisthesis title
timetime of service
titlecourse title
title25course title limited to length of 25
to_dtdate student expects to complete attending another school
transcript_termlast term completed on most recent transcript for another school
transfer_toSchool a student transferred to after HSU
transfer_to_typetype of school a student transferred to (2Yr or 4Yr)
udivderived from adbas
UDregregistered for an upper division course
unitsnumber of non-audit units a student is enrolled in
unitsallall non-ee units enrolled at census at a given career
units_auditunits audited
units_completedtotal (semester) units completed when transfer application submitted
units_EEExtended Education units
units_ERSSnumber of units reported in ERSS
units_fallenrolled units at census last Fall semester
units_springenrolled units at census last Spring semester
unmetamount of unmet financial aid need
unmet_lastunmet need last aid year
upwardis this applicant in Upward Bound?
URMunder-represented minority (Y=AmInd,Black,Hispanic,PacIsl N=White,Asian blank=unknown)
URM_ERSSunder-represented minority in ERSS (Y=AmInd,Black,Hispanic,PacIsl N=White,Asian blank=unknown)
userIDuser providing service
usernameoncampus email address (without the @humboldt.edu); example: abc1
verifyinteger verifier code that's a repeatable hash of emplid and name for use in Web response URL. . .
veteranstudent is in the VET student group
vetgroupshow VET or VETD student group
vet_appthe veteran box was checked on the CSU application
vet_certifiedveteran certified units - reference from VET service indicator
vet_chapterreason code from service indicator
vet_serviceVET service indicator
visaforeign visa type
visitcampus visit? (Y/N)
waitlistslist of waitlisted courses
WC_courseGE English composition course
WC_gradeGE English composition course grade
WC_instGE English composition course institution
WC_termGE English composition course term
WC_unitsGE English composition course semester units
weekThe week number into a semester
weekdayday of the week (1-SUN, 2-MON, . . . , 7-SAT)
wheelchairwill be using a wheelchair
withdraw_dtdate of last withdrawal from unit-bearing non-EE
withdraw_dt_EEdate of last withdrawal from unit-bearing EE
withdraw_fallapproved withdrawal last Fall semester
withdraw_springapproved withdrawal last Spring semester
work_aidtotal amount of work study disbursed
work_cancelamount of work study cancelled
work_offeramount of work study offered
WUEY if paying WUE fees
WUE_addressis the address in a WUE state? (Y/N)
WUE_prospectis the application actually under the WUE program? (Y/N)
xferY or N if student is a transfer student
XFERcohortY if in transfer cohort (enrolled, not EE)
xfer_earnedtransfer units earned
xfer_GPAtransfer GPA
xpadIs there an XPAD action in the stack for a given app (Y/N)
yearfour-digit year
yearbeforefour-digit for last year
yearendlast day of spring classes (desired by housing)
year_termyear_term for calpass
zipmailing address
zip_fixedzip code from Hobsons user