oddjob report generated: 09-SEP-13
ADFtesting possible ADF form
adhocadhoc report - testing new EOP fields
advisingSeniorssenior information for graduation advising
advisoradvisor assignments
advRetentionadvising retention dataset
advRosterAdvising roster: student's who's primary major department matches PARAM
app-orientation-elig-Springapplicants eligible for Spring orientation
app-orientation-SpringSpring orientation data
app-orieppntationapplicants who have registered for Fall orientation
app-persistincludes fields to determine out of state and persistence
app-REINreinstated applicants
applicantsall applicants
applicants-return-stusapplicants who are returning students
appstatsbasic fields about applicants
apps_tdapplicant data at this point in time for past years
ASBeligASB eligibility for student affairs
ASBinsuranceaddress data for yearly health insurance offer
athletesstatus of students in athletic participation table
athsuccessathletic success data file
audit-Adbas-GradWrong Admission Basis Code for Grad Student
audit-Adbas-missingMissing Admission Basis Code
audit-Adbas-UGwrong admission basis for an undergrad
audit-birthlowsample audiit script
audit-hsgpabad high school gpa
Audit-resexceptpossibly needs tutition residency exception
audit-sex-unknownbad sex code
audit-wrong-matricmissing matric term
autoAdmittransfer students who were admitted automatically
autoPADdataset used to automatically insert PAD program action
BasisofAdmisbasis of admission
benibeni's adhoc report
bulkcnbulk mail to students in a particular cn
bulkcoursebulk email to all students enrolled in a subject or course
bulkdepbulk mailing to majors
bulkdepminbulk mailing to majors and minors
bulkinstrbulk mail to students of a particular faculty
bulkmajbulk mailing to majors
bulkmajminbulk mailing to majors and minors
cancelapplicants who have been cancelled
censuscensus stats by student group (default ALL)
census-fallcensus for fall terms
certificategenerate data to print a single certificate
certificatesgenerate data to print certificates
chem109all chem 109 students
chem109_detaildetail about the Area B courses taken by students in the chem109 dataset
class-lowEnrList of low enrolled by department
classrankrandom sample of enrolled FT for class rank calculations
clearinghouseclearinghouse information
cohortappapplicant cohort
cohortstustudent cohort
collegeAdmitsadmitted applicants for a particular college
commence-bachelorsbachelors commencement list
commence-credentialscredentials commencement list
commence-deniedstudents with a denied degree
commence-mastersmasters commencement list
commencementcommencement list
ConnectionStudent Life Brouchure - First Year Connection
contactsprospects with particular contact codes
coursecalpasscourse file for calpass submission
courseRegstudents with registration in particular courses
CPSQueryCPS Query for research
credentialappsall credential applicants
DaleDale's ad hoc query
degAuditdata file to help registrar's office audit degrees awarded
degethnicdegree information and basic demographics
degLetdegree letters - M & B degrees that have been awarded
degreecalpassdegree file for calpass submission
depAdmitsactive admits in a particular department
depCensuscensus stats by department
depDegreesstudents receiving degrees from a particular department
depMinorsminor degrees within a given department
depNewstudents who are new for the term
diplomagenerate data to print a single diploma
diplomasgenerate data to print diplomas
diversityinfo for diversity office for scholarships and grants
EEstudents with Extended Ed units
ENGL100RPincomplete written communications (ENGL 100*)
ENGL200NCincomplete written communications (ENGL 200)
enmissnew enrolled students missing something
EOPall EOP applicants
EOP-allstudentEOP students eligible to enroll, including extended ed
EOP-enrollmentcourse enrollment by EOP students
EOP-groupEOP student groups
EOP-historyhistorical EOP data
EOP-HSSUBhigh school subjects from CSU app for EOP apps
EOP-servicesstudent services for EOP students
EOP-studentEOP students eligible to enroll
EPTELMEPT and ELM scores for FT cohorts
ERSSdata from the ERSS file
ERSS-FTFTUGERSS data for first-time undergrads
ESPearly start program analysis
ESP-studentESP students
ethAdmitsadmitted applicants by ethnicity
ethApplicantsethnic applicants
ethDegreesdegrees awarded by ethnicity
ethEligibleethnic students eligible to register
ethErrorslist of current students with incorrect CSU ethnicity
ethnic-changesrecent changes to ethnicity
ethnic-resurveyethnicity resurvey
ethProspectsethnic prospects (1/2/3 for Am Indian/Black/Latino)
ethStudentsRegistered students by ethnicity
FADFall Admission Day
faeisfaeis survey population
faeisdeginformation for FAEIS degrees survey
finaidfinancial aid data
fiscalregistration data for fiscal
fiscal_censuscensus file for fiscal reconciliation
folderlabdata for new student folder labels
foreignAppforeign applicant data
foreignDegforeign students receiving degrees
foreignStuenrolled foreign students
fosterstudents who were foster youth or orphans
foster-appsfoster students applied
freshexpfreshmen experience mailing
FTevershowFT applicants with Folders who had some registration
FTFadmitsFT UG admitted students by major
FTUGenrolledFTUG registered for classes
future-scholarsfirst generation California resident admits
gaygay's adhoc query
gaystudygay's adhoc for studies in progress
GE-classesGE classes
Gracegrace's adhoc query
gradEquityScholarMasters admits for equity fellowship
gradesall grades
graduatesdegrees received and later enrollment
health101students to receive Health 101 emails
hobsons1initial load of all prospects to hobsons
hobsonsaongoing data load to hobsons of applicant data
hobsonspdaily upload to Hobsons of non-applicants
hollyHolly's adhoc datasets
HOOPOnline orientatiion participants
HOOPnoRegcompleted HOOP but haven't registered for classes
HOPdata for HOP labels
housingdata file for housing with housing_hold added
housing_olddata file to download to housing
IDcardnew student data for library ID card
INRSEPadmitsNative Amer and PacIsl admits in CNRS
IRAIRA roster for the associated students
jacqueJacque's adhoc dataset
KristinKristin's adhoc datasets
leaversuse for leaver survey spring to fall
libraryenrolled students for the library extract
LPMLatino Peer Mentoring
MAadmitsMasters admits
MAapstatsMaster application statistics
magazineHumboldt Magazine mailing
McNairdata needed for McNair grant
McNair-Cohortdata needed for McNair cohort study
Meq-app-disableddisabled Masters apps
Meq-app-ethnicethnic Masters apps
Meq-app-femalefemale Masters apps in underrepresented majors
Meq-stu-disableddisabled Masters students
Meq-stu-ethnicethnic Masters students
Meq-stu-femalefemale Masters students in underrepresented majors
MilitaryRecruitmentfulfill military recruiters request
MSEMid-Semester Evaluation list
MstudentInfoInformation about masters student progess in program
MulticulturalMulticultural Scholars Grant invitation
myeduinstructor and grades for outside agencies
namechangegenerate new folder labels for people with new names
NCAAfull-time degree-seeking undergrads for NCAA
NCAA-GSRenrolledenrollment last fall for the graduation rate report
NCAA-GSRgrads6-year graduation of all FTFTUG
NCAA-GSRuploadGraduation Rate Survey for student-athletes to upload
needELMneed to take the ELM test
needEPTneed to take the EPT test
newstunon-res data
NoAutoAdmitFT apps not admitted through auto-eval
orientationHumboldt Orientation Program data (and HOOP)
orientation-pastHOP and HOOP applicants
outcome_EIoutcome of admits by Eligibility Index
PADPost Admit Data form
PAD-actionsadmission action codes for PAD transfers
PAD-teststest scores for PAD applicants
PAD-transcriptstranscripts for PAD transfer applicants
PBreapplyreapplication notice to potential graduates
previewtemporary population
probationprobation report for learning center
purgefolders to be purged
purge2regenerate the purge list
regAll registered students
reg-dateregistered students with add date
regStatsdata for registration statistics
remedialremedial analysis
resMAresidency of Masters applications
retentioncontinuing student retention
Royallprospective student data to upload to Royall
SAactionSA action basic student data
schol-FTeligible pool of FT for scholarship
ScottScott's applicant dataset
SDRCStudent Disability Resource Center students
SDRCdegreesdegrees received by SDRC students
servicesstudent services view
SIsupplemental instruction data
springboarddata to upload to the career center database
squadListathletic squad lists
stevesteve's adhoc
stucalpassstudent file for calpass submission
stutrackSEsubsequent enrollment for previously enrolled students/transferred out
subjRegregistration by subject
surveyinfofor use in survey administration
ThomasThomas Ad Hoc Report
tprepcredential applicants ready for evaluation
UCBUniversity Center Board verification report
unknownOrgapplicants with an unknown external org
UPDinformation for UPD
vetstudents who may be served by veteran's office
vetappsapplicants who have checked the veteran or dependent boxes
vetDegreesdegrees received or sought by veterans
vetgradesgrades for veterans
vetProbationVeteran probation information
vetregactveteran registration activity
VSAstudent tracker CO search (VSA specific)
waitliststudents who were registered for classes through a wait list
wardward's adhoc requests
ward1eop connection file
WRGPgraduate students from WUE states
WUEapplicants from WUE states
WUEenrenrolled WUE students
Xresidencyundetermined residency code