Email Policy

HSU email accounts are the officially recognized accounts for email communication between students and the University. All HSU students are responsible for checking their HSU email account for official communications. While students may elect to redirect messages sent to their official HSU email address to another address, those who redirect their email to another address do so at their own risk.

Having email lost as a result of redirection does not absolve the account holder from responsibilities associated with communication sent to their official email address. The university is not responsible for the handling of email by outside vendors or unofficial servers.

This policy does not preclude Humboldt State University from utilizing other forms of communication, such as registered mail.

HSU Preferred Email Address

Humboldt State University uses email to conduct a lot of their academic-related business. The university has provided each student a free email account, but students may choose to designate a different provider as their HSU preferred email address. Students using accounts such as Yahoo, Hotmail, or others, may experience problems receiving emails from HSU. If you have difficulties receiving our mail, then you should consider using the email account that has been provided to you by the university. You may forward email to an off-campus address in Google Apps. Instructions can be found at