Auditing a Course

A student must petition the Office of the Registrar to audit a class. The Audit Petition must be approved by the instructor, the fees paid, and the petition returned to the Office of the Registrar, SBS 133, by the twentieth day of instruction (census).

Humboldt permits students to audit only after those otherwise eligible to enroll on a credit basis have had opportunity to do so. The same fee structure applies as for credit students. Regular class attendance is expected.

There is no limit to the number of courses a student can petition to audit within a term. You should register for the course to be audited prior to the deadline to add courses (see Calendar of Activities & Deadlines).

Use an Audit Petition to obtain the signature/approval of the instructor of the course you wish to audit. Forms are available in the Office of the Registrar, SBS 133, or online. Courses audited must be paid for following the same fee structure as courses in which a student is normally enrolled.

Once enrolled as an auditor, a student may not change to a credit status unless the change is requested no later than the last day to add a course.

An AU grade for the audited course will appear on the permanent record. There are no grade points earned nor are the units counted in earned, attempted or GPA hours.

Audited courses are not eligible for inclusion in the determination of full/part time status in the awarding of financial aid.