DARS Degree Planner Quick Start

Get Started: You can build a four-year plan in minutes!

Quick Start Steps Screen Shots
  1. From myHumboldt, Click on View Degree Audit & Plan in Academics Quick Links.
View Degree Audit & Plan icon
  1. Click on the Plans tab in the top toolbar.
DARS Plans tab
  1. Click on the Create a New Plan tab.
  1. Enter a Plan Name.
  2. Click on Add Plan
  1. Drag & drop courses from your DARS Audit (left side) into the Plan Term Year box (right side).

Hint: Drop when Term Year changes color.

  1. Click on the "check" button often. The check does two things:
  • validates your plan and updates DARS Audit to include planned courses, and
  • checks the plan for issues

Hint: the system is not checking your prerequisites (completed, in progress and planned) until you click "check"

Hint: You will see a warning icon if you do not meet prerequisites and/or if the course is not typically offered in that semester.

  1. Click on the warning icon to review issues.

Click on a "star" to mark a plan as preferred.

If you have questions about the DARS Degree Planner, please contact the Registrar's Office at 707-826-4101 or send email to records@humboldt.edu.

Note: DARS Degree Planner is a planning tool only. Some issues that impact enrollment are not checked in DARS Degree Planner (such as registration holds, class-level requisites, instructor consent requirements or more complex prerequisites and co-requisites). If you have questions about enrollment, please contact your major advisor or the Office of the Registrar.