How to Import courses from DARS Degree Planner to Schedule Planner

Steps Screen Shots
  1. Click Enroll in Courses using Student Center

DARS Degree Planner

(located in the upper right corner of DARS Planner)

HINT: You need to have a preferred "starred" plan.

  1. Click the schedule planner button.
Class Search
  1. Click the Open Schedule Planner button
schedule planner
  1. Click + Add Breaks to enter times you can’t (or don’t want to) be in class, such as work, practice, etc.

Add Breaks

HINT: The breaks you enter will be taken into account when generating schedules.

  1. Click the + Add Course button.
Add Course button
  1. Click the My Planner tab.
  2. Select courses and click + Add Course
  3. When finished adding courses, click
    < Back.
Add course button
  1. Click on Generate Schedules.
  2. A list of schedule options will be generated; click View to see the details.
Generate schedules button

List of Schedules

If there are no schedules available, you may need to modify your selections. HINT: Read the error message for suggested changes.

  1. If you like when a course is being offered, click the lock icon to lock it into your schedule.

schedule details

  1. When you find a schedule, click Send to Shopping Cart.
  2. Click OK.

send to shopping cart button

  1. Return to the Schedule Planner page; click on Course Enrollment.


course enrollment

  1. Click the import cart button.
import cart
  1. Click the Next button for each course to add it to your shopping cart;
  2. Proceed to step 2 of 3; and follow the directions to finish enrolling.

NOTE: Verify that you have successfully added all classes. Carefully read any warnings.