HSU Catalog

2018-19 DRAFT Catalog Sections (pdf)

Campus Community Draft (Last Update: 01.07.2018)

Admission Information Draft (Last Update: 02.06.2018)

Academic Regulations Draft (Last Update: 02.20.2018)

The Bachelor's Degree Draft (Last Update: 02.20.2018)

The Master's Degree Draft (Last Update: 02.06.2018)

Program Descriptions Draft (Last Update: 02.20.2018)

Course Descriptions Draft (Last Update: 02.20.2018)

Student Rights, Responsibilities & the Fine Print Draft (Last Update: 02.06.2018)

2017-18 Catalog Sections (pdf)

Note: Changes made after the yearly publication of the catalog will not be reflected in the PDFs on this page.

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Academic Programs (pdf)

Majors in Bachelor of Arts (BA)

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Majors in Bachelor of Science (BS)

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Credentials (pdf)

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Graduate Degrees (pdf)

Master of Arts (MA)

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Master of Science (MS)

Master of Social Work (MSW)

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Minors (pdf)

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Course Descriptions (pdf)

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