Major Academic Plans

Major Academic Plans for 2018-19 - Available May 2018

Major Academic Plans (MAPs) show general recommended pathways to graduation. Please use one of the MAPS below to help you build your individualized “degree plan”: a more specific list of classes that you will take each term until graduation.

Which MAP is best?

Picking the best MAP for you starts with deciding on the first-year English and math classes that will best support your success.

Given the math pathway for your major, you will choose a specific math class (3 or 5 days per week) by:

You will choose your English class or classes through a similar self-directed process.

Your online orientation will help you make the decisions that will best support your success. Peer mentors and professional staff or faculty advisors are available to answer your questions.
Working with your advisor in the semesters ahead, you will make adjustments to your degree plan. Those changes will reflect your changing interests and new found opportunities!

If you have earned college credit through exams (AP, IB, CLEP, etc.) or college coursework from another institution, you may already have some major, GE or other degree requirements completed - keep up the good work!

Check your Degree Audit Report (DARS) to see how your transfer credit applied to your degree. If you've already met a requirement on the MAP, choose other GE, major or elective classes instead. See Transfer Credit at Humboldt State for more information.

Major Academic Plans based on the 2017-18 catalog.

Major alpha index:
A-B C-D  E-F G-H  I-J K- L M-N O-P Q- R S-T  U-Z 

Degree: Concentration


Anthropology (BA) ANTH 1 ANTH 2  
Art (BA): Art Education ARSS 1 ARSS 2  
Art (BA): Art History ARHI 1 ARHI 2  
Art (BA): Art Studio ARST 1 ARST 2  
Fine Art (BFA) ARTF 1 ARTF 2  
Biology (BS): Cellular/ Molecular Biology BICM BS 1 BICM BS 2 BICM BS 3 Calculus
Biology (BS): Ecology & Biodiversity BIEB BS 1 BIEB BS 2 BIEB BS 3 Calculus
Biology (BS): Environmental Biology BIEN BS 1 BIEN BS 2 BIEN BS 3 Calculus
Biology (BS): General Biology BIGE BS 1 BIGE BS 2 BIGE BS 3 Calculus
Biology (BS): Marine Biology BIMA BS 1 BIMA BS 2 BIMA BS 3 Calculus
Biology (BS): Microbiology BIMI BS 1 BIMI BS 2 BIMI BS 3 Calculus
Biology (BS): Science Education BISS BS 1 BISS BS 2 BISS BS 3 Calculus
Botany (BS) BOT BS 1 BOT BS 2 BOT BS 3
Business Administration (BS) All Concentrations BUS ADM BUS ADM 2  

C—D (Back to top)

Chemistry (BA) CHEM BA    
Chemistry (BS) CHEM BS CHEM BS 2  
Chemistry (BS): Biochemistry CHBI BS 1 CHBI BS 2 CHBI BS 3 Calculus
Child Development (Liberal Studies BA) LSCD BA 1 LSCD BA 2  
Communications (BA) COMM BA 1 COMM BA 2  
Computer Science (BS) CS BS 1 CS BS 2 CS BS 3 Calculus
Criminology & Justice Studies (BA) CJS 1 CJS 2  
Critical Race, Gender & Sexuality Studies (BA): Ethnic Studies Emphasis CRGS ES CRGS ES 2  
Critical Race, Gender & Sexuality Studies (BA): Multicultural Queer Studies Emphasis CRGS MQS CRGS MQS 2  
Critical Race, Gender & Sexuality Studies (BA): Women's Studies Emphasis CRGS WS CRGS WS 2  
Dance Studies (Interdisciplinary Studies BA) ISDS 1 ISDS 2  
E—F   (Back to top)
Economics (BA) ECON 1 ECON 2  
Liberal Studies: Elementary Education (BA) LSEE 1 LSEE 2  
English (BA): Teaching the Language Arts ENLA 1 ENLA 2  
English (BA): Literary Studies ENLS 1 ENLS 2  
English (BA): Writing Practices ENWP 1 ENWP 2  
Environmental Resources Engineering (BS)



ERE 3 Calculus

Environmental Science & Management (BS): Ecological Restoration ESMN 1 ESMN 2 ESMN 3 Biostatistics
Environmental Science Management (BS): Energy & Climate ESMC 1 ESMC 2  
Environmental Science Management (BS): Environmental Education & Interpretation ESMI 1 ESMI 2

ESMI 3 Biostatistics

Environmental Science Management (BS): Environmental Planning & Policy ESMP 1 ESMP 2 ESMP 3 Biostatistics
Environmental Science Management (BS): Geospatial Science ESMG 1 ESMG 2 ESMG 3
Environmental Science Management (BS): Natural Resources Recreation ESMR 1 ESMR 2 ESMR 3
Environmental Studies (BA) EST 1 EST 2  
Film (BA) FILM 1 FILM 2  
Fisheries Biology (BS): Freshwater Fisheries FIFR 1 FIFR 2  
Fisheries Biology (BS): Marine Fisheries FIMA 1 FIMA 2  
Forestry (BS): Forest Hydrology FORH 1 FORH 2 FORH 3 Calculus
Forestry (BS): Forest Operations FORO 1 FORO 2


Forestry (BS): Forest Conservation FORV 1 FORV 2


Forestry (BS): Forest Soils FORL 1 FORL 2


Forestry (BS): Wildland Fire Management FORF 1 FORF 2


French & Francophone Studies (BA) FRFR 1 FRFR 2  
G—H  (Back to top)
Geography (BA) GEOG GEOG 2  
Geology (BS) GEOL BS    
Geology (BA): Geosciences GEOS 1 GEOS 2 GEOS 3
History (BA) HIST 1 HIST 2  
History (BA): History Education HISS 1 HISS 2  
I—J  (Back to top)
International Studies (BA): All Concentrations INTL 1 INTL 2  
Journalism (BA): News JNNW 1 JNNW 2  
Journalism (BA): Public Relations JNPR 1 JNPR 2  
Kinesiology (BS): Exercise Science/Health Promotion KIHP 1 KIHP 2  
Kinesiology (BS): Physical Education Teaching KISS 1 KISS 2  
Kinesiology (BS) : Pre-Physical Therapy KIPT 1 KIPT 2  
M—N  (Back to top)
Mathematics (BA) MATH BA MATH BA 2


Mathematics (BA): Applied Mathematics MAAP 1 MAAP 2 MAAP 3
Mathematics (BA): Mathematics Education MASS 1 MASS 2 MASS 3
Music (BA): Composition MUSC 1 MUSC 2 MUSC 3
Music (BA): Music Education MUSS 1 MUSS 2 MUSS 3
Music (BA): Music Studies MUSG 1 MUSG 2 MUSG 3
Music (BA): Performance (Guitar) MUSP Guitar 1 MUSP Guitar 2 MUSP Guitar 3
Music (BA): Performance (Piano)

MUSP Piano 1

MUSP Piano 2 MUSP Piano 3
Music (BA): Performance (Vocal) MUSP Vocal 1 MUSP Vocal 2 MUSP Vocal 3
Native American Studies NAS 1 NAS 2  
Oceanography (BS) Math/Physics Group 1 OCN G1_1 OCN G1_ 2 OCN G1 3 Calculus
Oceanography (BS) Math/Physics Group 2 OCN G2_1 OCN G2_2 OCN G2 3 Calculus
Philosophy (BA) PHIL PHIL 2  
Physics (BA) PHYX BA PHYX BA 2  
Physics (BS) PHYX BS    
Physics (BS): Astronomy PXAS 1 PXAS 2  
Political Science (BA) PSCI PSCI 2  
Political Science (BA): Global Politics PSCI GP PSCI GP 2  
Political Science (BA): Law & Policy PSCI LP PSCI LP 2  
Political Science (BA): Politics of Environment & Sustainability PSCI ES PSCI ES 2  
Psychology (BA) General Pathway PSYC Gen PSYC Gen 2  
Psychology (BA) Graduate Prep Pathway PSYC Prep PSYC Prep 2  
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Rangeland Resource Science (BS) RRS 1 RRS 2  
Rangeland Resource Science (BS): Wildland Soil Science RRWS 1 RRWS 2  
Recreation Administration (BA): Diving Leadership (Emphasis) RADM DL RADM DL 2  
Recreation Administration (BA): Inclusive Communities (Emphasis) RADM IC RADM IC 2  
Recreation Administration (BA): Outdoor Adventure Recreation (Emphasis) RADM OAR RADM OAR 2  
Recreation Administration (BA): Tourism Management (Emphasis) RADM TM RADM TM 2  
Religious Studies (BA) RS RS 2  
S—T  Back to Top
Social Work (BA) SW SW 2  
Sociology (BA) SOC SOC 2  
Spanish (BA) SPAN SPAN 2  
Theatre Arts (BA): Design Technology (Emphasis) THAR DT THAR DT 2  
Theatre Arts (BA): Performance (Emphasis) THAR P 1 THAR P 2  
Undeclared Undeclared Undeclared_2  
Wildlife (BS): Conservation Biology/Applied Vertebrate Ecology WLCB 1 WLCB 2  
Wildlife (BS): Wildlife Management & Conservation WLMC 1 WLMC 2  
Zoology (BS) ZOOL ZOOL 2