Major Academic Plans for 2017-18 (available soon)

Major Academic Plans (MAP) show efficient pathways to graduation. However, since each student is unique, your pathway may vary a little or a lot. Sometimes, you may need to make adjustments along the way.

Major alpha index:
A-B C-D  E-F G-H  I-J K- L M-N O-P Q- R S-T  W-Z 

Major: Concentration

Anthropology (BA)      
Art (BA): Art Education      
Art (BA): Art History      
Art (BA): Studio Art      
Biology (BS): Cellular/Molecular Biology      
Biology (BS): Ecology & Biodiversity      
Biology (BS): Environmental Biology      
Biology (BS): General Biology      
Biology (BS): Marine Biology      
Biology (BS): Microbiology      
Biology (BS): Science Education      
Botany (BS)      
Business Administration (BS)      

C—D (Back to top)

Chemistry (BA)      
Chemistry (BS)      
Chemistry (BS): Biochemistry      
Child Development (Liberal Studies BA)      
Communication (BA) COMM_M1718    
Computer Science (BS)      
Criminology & Justice Studies (BA)      
Critical Race, Gender & Sexuality Studies (BA): Ethnic Studies      
Critical Race, Gender & Sexuality Studies (BA): Multicultural Queer Studies      
Critical Race, Gender & Sexuality Studies (BA): Women's Studies      
Dance Studies (Interdisciplinary Studies BA)      
E—F   (Back to top)
Economics (BA)      
Liberal Studies: Elementary Education (BA)      
English (BA): Teaching the Language Arts      
English (BA): Literary Studies      
English (BA): Writing Practices      
Environmental Resources Engineering (BS)      
Environmental Science & Management (BS): Ecological Restoration      
Environmental Science Management (BS): Energy & Climate      
Environmental Science Management (BS): Environmental Education & Interpretation      
Environmental Science Management (BS): Environmental Planning & Policy      
Environmental Science Management (BS): Geospatial Science      
Environmental Science Management (BS): Natural Resources Recreation      
Environmental Studies (BA)      
Film (BA)      
Fisheries Biology (BS): Freshwater Fisheries      
Fisheries Biology (BS): Marine Fisheries      
Forestry (BS): Forest Hydrology      
Forestry (BS): Forest Operations      
Forestry (BS): Forest Conservation      
Forestry (BS): Forest Soils      
Forestry (BS): Wildland Fire Management      
French & Francophone Studies (BA)      
G—H  (Back to top)
Geography (BA)      
Geology (BA)      
Geology (BS)      
Geology (BA): Geosciences      
History (BA)      
History (BA): History Education      
I—J  (Back to top)
International Studies (BA): Chinese Studies      
International Studies (BA): European Studies      
International Studies (BA): Global Cultural Studies      
International Studies (BA): Latin American Studies      
International Studies (BA): Third World Development Studies      
Journalism (BA): News      
Journalism (BA): Public Relations      
Kinesiology (BS): Exercise Science/Health Promotion      
Kinesiology (BS): Physical Education Teaching      
Kinesiology (BS) : Pre-Physical Therapy      
M—N  (Back to top)
Mathematics (BA)      
Mathematics (BA): Applied Mathematics      
Mathematics (BA): Mathematics Education      
Music (BA): Composition      
Music (BA): Music Education      
Music (BA): Music Studies      
Music (BA): Performance      
Native American Studies (BA) NAS_M1718    
Oceanography (BS) OCN    
Philosophy (BA) PHIL    
Physics (BA)      
Physics (BS      
Physics (BS): Astronomy      
Political Science (BA)      
Political Science (BA): Law & Policy      
Political Science (BA): Politics of Environment & Sustainability      
Political Science (BA): Global Politics      
Psychology (BA)      
Q-R  (Back to top)
Rangeland Resource Science (BS)      
Rangeland Resource Science (BS): Wildland Soil Science      
Recreation Administration (BA): Diving Leadership      

Recreation Administration (BA): Inclusive Communities

Recreation Administration (BA): Outdoor Adventure Recreation      

Recreation Administration (BA): Tourism Management

Religious Studies      
S—T  Back to Top
Social Work (BA)      
Sociology (BA)      
Spanish (BA)      
Theatre Arts (BA)      
Wildlife (BS): Conservation Biology/Applied Vertebrate Ecology      
Wildlife (BS): Wildlife Management & Conservation      
Zoology (BS)