Credit For Non-Collegiate Instruction

Humboldt grants undergraduate degree credit for successful completion of non-collegiate instruction—either military or civilian—appropriate to the baccalaureate degree. Credit must be recommended by the Commission on Educational Credit and Credentials of the American Council on Education.

Military Credit

Students may earn general education and elective credit for active military service with an honorable discharge by filing a copy of their Member 4 DD214 with the Veterans Enrollment & Transition Services (VETS) office. Students may earn credit for education and training courses completed in the military based on recommendations by the American Council on Education. The student will need to submit a military registry transcript to VETS in Lower Library 58.

Contact Veterans Enrollment & Transition Services to see about obtaining a military registry transcript or if you have questions about your military evaluation, 707-826-6272.

For Civilians

The National Guide to Educational Credit for Training Programs recommends the number of units allowed. Appropriate documentation of instruction/coursework must be submitted to the registrar through the Office of the Registrar (SBS 133) before credit can be awarded.