First-time Freshmen - How to Graduate in Four Years

At Humboldt, we realize that the completion of your undergraduate degree in four years may be an important goal. To assist you, we are committed to advising you on how to graduate within four years. At the same time, we believe that an education with an emphasis on time constraints might not meet some students' desire for enhanced educational experiences.

If you choose to change majors, enhance your education by taking additional courses, involve yourself in extra-curricular activities, study abroad, engage in one or more internships or work study opportunities, or work, it may not be possible to graduate within four years.

The quality of your experience may be more important than the time it takes to complete your degree. As a residential community, Humboldt staff and faculty will strive to provide you with an enriched educational experience and we offer the following guidelines for completing graduation requirements in four years.

The student will:

Humboldt State University will: