Extended Education / Open University

Open University

What:  Open University is a registration process available through the College of eLearning & Extended Education that allows one to enroll in university courses without formally applying to the university. Choose from the courses included in the current Extended Education Bulletin or the HSU Schedule of Classes.

Why:  Get a head start on college while still in high school or community college; take professional development courses; or continue higher education while establishing residency. Fees are the same for California residents and non-residents alike. (Extended Education is completely supported by enrollment fees; no general funds are used.) Academic credit you earn via Extended Education may apply to a degree program at HSU, with some limitations (see “Note” below).

Who:  Any person who is no longer in High School, not a current HSU student, and meets any course prerequisites, is eligible to participate in the Open University process. Matriculated students (formally admitted to Humboldt State University and seeking a degree) may not enroll through Open University but may register for Extension courses (see details, below). Please note, matriculated students who are academically disqualified from HSU are not eligible to enroll in coursework through Extended Education.

How:  Once you’ve selected the class(es) you’d like to take, complete an Extended Education registration form. Attend the first class meeting. If space is available ask the instructor to sign the registration form, then take the form to the department office for approval. Once you have both instructor and department signatures, bring the form to the College of eLearning & Extended Education (Student and Business Services Building, Suite 211, second floor) and pay the fees.

Matriculated graduate students needing to maintain continuous enrollment should contact the Office of Academic Programs and Undergraduate/Graduate Studies or call 707-826-3949 for guidance.

Current High School students may enroll in HSU courses through the High School Concurrent Enrollment process. They must follow the procedures outlined in the Concurrent Enrollment registration form.

Extension Program

The College of eLearning & Extended Education offers (with no admission requirements) Extension courses and programs for professional and personal development, for meeting professional licensing requirements, or for maintaining health and physical conditioning. Some Extension courses are available for optional academic credit, others are offered on a non-credit basis. Most courses are taught live but some are available online.

Extension courses literally range from A to Z! For example, you can take an Adobe Creative Suite
workshop or a Zumba dance class! Or Beekeeping! Foreign languages! Organic gardening! Solar energy! Professional development for teachers, nurses, therapists, peace officers! Travel-learn programs! Programs for the young (e.g., Music Academy, Studio School) or mature adults (e.g., Osher Life Long Learning, Road Scholar). Certificate programs are offered in Ecotourism, Exercise Nutrition, and American Indian Education. And so MUCH MORE! Learn more about all the classes and programs available in the Extended Education Bulletin which is published three times per year: Spring, Summer, and Fall. Complete an Extended Education Registration Form and pay fees at the College of eLearning & Extended Education, Student and Business Services Building. Cash, check, purchase order and most credit cards are accepted. You may also register for Extension courses via the phone by calling 707-826-3731, or through the mail: College of eLearning & Extended Education; Humboldt State University; 1 Harpst St.; Arcata, CA 95521.

If you’d like an extension bulletin mailed to you, please call 707-826-3731. More details are also available at www.humboldt.edu/extended.

Note: The following limits apply to units earned through the Extended Education and Open University programs:  A maximum of 24 semester units of Extension courses are allowed to count toward a bachelor’s degree; these units do not count toward the residency requirement. There is a maximum of 24 semester units of Open University courses allowed to count toward a bachelor’s degree (these also count toward the residency requirement). A maximum of 9 units of Open University courses can be included in a graduate program, but do not count toward the residency requirement.