Basic skills in mathematics are vital to academic success at Humboldt. Some students are admitted to the University with a need for further development in this area, as measured by scores on the Entry Level Mathematics (ELM) exam.

In order to ensure academic success for all students, and in compliance with California State University regulations, Humboldt State University requires that all new students with ELM scores that indicate a need for remediation enroll in the appropriate remedial class their first term of attendance. Some students may need a sequence of remedial courses; these students must enroll in the appropriate remedial course each term of attendance until remediation is satisfied. All remediation must be completed within one year from a student’s first term of enrollment at Humboldt. Students who do not satisfactorily complete the required course(s) within one year are not eligible to continue at Humboldt. Satisfactory completion of remedial courses requires a grade of C- or higher. Please refer to the charts below for placement information. See Early Start Program on the Admissions website for more information.

English Placement Test (EPT) Score Requirements

EPT Score Required Courses
No score Must take English Placement Test before registering.
146 or below

Must complete either English 102 or 104 within one year from first term of enrollment at Humboldt.

Use the Directed Self Placement located at to select the appropriate option.

Entry Level Mathematics (ELM) Score Requirements

ELM Score
(Test taken before 3/02)
ELM Score
(Test taken 3/02 and after)
Required Courses
No score No score Must take Entry Level Mathematics exam before registering.
370 or below 35 or below Must take Math 40 (Elementary Algebra). After satisfactory completion of Math 40, must take Math 44 or Math 103i/43.*
380-470 36 - 41 Must take Math 40 (Elementary Algebra) or Math 42 (Beginning Algebra). Math 42 combines Elementary & Intermediate Algebra. After satisfactory completion of Math 40, must take Math 44 or Math 103i/43.* After satisfactory completion of Math 42, remediation is complete.
480-540 42 - 49 Must take Math 44 (Intermediate Algebra) or Math 103i/ 43.* After satisfactory completion of Math 44 or Math 103i/43, remediation is complete.
550 and above 50 and above No remediation required. Ready for GE math and/or Math 115.

*Math 103i (3 baccalaureate level units) and Math 43 (2 remedial units) are linked courses—they must be taken together—that satisfy both remedial math at the intermediate algebra level and GE math. They are not recommended for students in any Natural Resources or Science major, or for students in a major that requires another GE mathematics course.