Using CSV Files to Print Labels or Mail Merge Letters and Email


The comma-separated value file that you just received in your email contains data that can easily be used to create labels or personalized letters with the mail-merge feature of Microsoft Word. Check the Help file in Word for exact instructions and many options that are not mentioned below. Different versions of Word have slightly different prompts and steps. The hints below are for Word 20010.


Before you begin, you must save the data file onto your hard disk. In Gmail, click Download. In Outlook, you can right-click on the CSV attachment and choose Save as. Make a note of the location where you are saving the file.


If you are sending email, please create a test CSV file that contains one or two records which point to your own email address. Use this file to verify your merge process before doing the final email merge.


Mail Merge with Word 2010.


Start Microsoft Word and open the Mailings ribbon. Click the small down-arrow next to Start Mail Merge and choose Step by Step Mail Merge Wizard. After completing each of the 6 steps, click Next in the lower-right.

1)     Select the appropriate kind of document that you wish to generate or send: letter, e-mails, or labels.

2)     Normally, you will Use the current document.

3)     Browse to the CSV file you just saved as the existing list.

4)     Create your document. Click Insert Merge Field to select data from the CSV file that you wish to insert into your form letter or label. If you are creating labels, you will need to type Enter between each line and Update all labels when you are done setting up the first label.

5)     Preview Results will show what you final output will look like. You can click the arrows on the Mailings ribbon to see data for different records.

6)     Print or email your final documents. If you are sending an email, you will be prompted to select a field with an email address and enter a subject line.


Note: Outgoing emails will be sent through Microsoft Outlook. If you use Gmail instead of Outlook already, you may need to configure Outlook before you can use Mail Merge to send emails. It is not necessary to begin using Outlook for your personal email. Ask your ITC for assistance.