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Notice to University Staff

March 20, 2003

The Office of Enrollment Management is modifying the process by which university staff request student information. Reallocation of staff resources require that we streamline the process as much as possible.

In the past, the preferred method for requesting student data was through the mailing list at reports@redwood. This method usually resulted in providing only part of the information needed to handle the request. In an effort to decrease the amount of time spent clarifying your information needs, requests should be submitted via the Web form at humboldt.edu/~enroll/datarequest. This should streamline OEM's response to a significant portion of the requests.

Many past requests have been automated for submission through Banner's GJAPCTL form. Use of those pre-packaged reports will allow staff to get the desired data without a Web request or delay. Please read the Analytic Studies page for more information about that process. There may be requests that require modifications or programmer/analyst intervention. With limited staff time available to service these requests, it may take longer than two weeks to receive the data requested. It is highly recommended that requests be submitted 30 days in advance whenever possible.

Requests for prospective student information sent directly to the Communications Coordinator in the Office of Admissions may continue as before. Additionally, a new email list, reportsadm@redwood, will provide a channel for those established requests.

HSU continues to comply with the requirements of the Buckley Amendment of the Federal Educational Records and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) that prohibit the release of student specific information for purposes other than appropriate educational use; FERPA also prohibits the re-release of information to a third party. The University's records access policy is under review and will be updated to comply with FERPA and CSU policy. Once the campus policies and procedures have been finalized, they will be made available on the Web.

- Office of Enrollment Management