Terms and Units Completed to Degree (cohort based)
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* Notes for Terms and Units Completed reports

These reports show statistics on the terms and units completed for those who have earned a degree. The 5-year aggregate reports provide an overall picture, while the year-by-year reports may reveal changes over shorter periods of time.

The median and mean terms enrolled consist of state-supported terms at Humboldt State University and do not count terms taken off or where the student may have been enrolled elsewhere. Official leave terms are not counted.

The minimum total units indicates the least number of units that any one student completed for their degree during the given time period. If this minimum is greater than 120 units, it means to NO student has completed the given program in 120 units during the prior 5 years.

Students who complete more than one major are only counted once for each degree in the overall stats by degree objective. However, in the major breakout section, every major for each student is included.

Some students pursue various programs or degree objectives as a post-bacc student. For each report, only the terms and units matching the given academic program are included. Thus, units and terms in pursuit of a credential are not included if the student subsequently enrolls in a masters program.