Program Participation Reports
Participation by Major ProgramBachelors: Fall /  Spring /  AY avg Masters: Fall /  Spring /  AY avg Credentials: Fall /  Spring /  AY avg
Enrollments in each Major OptionBachelors: Fall /  Spring /  AY avg Masters: Fall /  Spring /  AY avg Credentials: Fall /  Spring /  AY avg
Participation by Department and CollegeBachelors: Fall /  Spring /  AY avg Masters: Fall /  Spring /  AY avg Credentials: Fall /  Spring /  AY avg
Participation in Minor programsFall   /  Spring   /  AY avg    
Programs Offered through Extended EducationFall   /  Spring   /  AY avg    
* Notes:  Program participation counts reflect all students who have declared the indicated major program, minor, or credential as either a first, second, or third program. Post-baccalaureate students seeking a second bachelor's degree are included with bachelors major programs. These numbers will not sum to the total University enrollment because students may pursue more than one program. For aggregations at the department or college level, a student will be counted only once, even if they may be enrolled in more than one major program within that department or college. At the major program level, a student will be counted only once, even if they are enrolled in more than one option of a given major.
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Masters Major Program Participation- Spring terms
majorsall_Spring_M report generated: 05-AUG-21
Major Program
Spring 12
Spring 13
Spring 14
Spring 15
Spring 16
Spring 17
Spring 18
Spring 19
Spring 20
Spring 21
CAHSSECSocial Science28202223222224222119



THEATheatre Arts7000000000

Theatre Arts, MFA5300000000

ENGREnv Systems(Enrgy,Envrn & Soc)8200000000

Environmental Systems (Engr)8131010131717161111

GEOLEnvironmental Systems (Geol)109108224643

MATHEnv Systems (Math Modeling)6795210000

NSNat Resources (Plan & Interp)10656512111071

Nat Resources (Range & Soils)2100000000

Nat Resources (Wastewater Utl)1100000000

Nat Resources (Watershed Mgmt)5410000000

Natural Resources461721211118162130

Natural Resources (Fisheries)18161415131016172015

Natural Resources (Forestry)7501022100

Natural Resources (Wildlife)20182625222530252221
CPSBUSBusiness Administration902026292926303130



PSYCPsychology Masters Group51596860676476888285

SWSocial Work43444941434540453940