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* Notes:  Program participation counts reflect all students who have declared the indicated major program, minor, or credential as either a first, second, or third program. Post-baccalaureate students seeking a second bachelor's degree are included with bachelors major programs. These numbers will not sum to the total University enrollment because students may pursue more than one program. For aggregations at the department or college level, a student will be counted only once, even if they may be enrolled in more than one major program within that department or college. At the major program level, a student will be counted only once, even if they are enrolled in more than one option of a given major.
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Undergraduate Major Option Participation - Spring terms (includes second majors)
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Major Option
Spring 12
Spring 13
Spring 14
Spring 15
Spring 16
Spring 17
Spring 18
Spring 19
Spring 20
Spring 21


Art (Education)46453547565551414434

Art (History)60423733242329191718

Art (Studio)30125823722020020016215714199

Fine Art, BFA0000000153026


CRGSCrit Race, Gender & Sexuality0000145858444448

IS - Crit Race, Gen & Sex345051564503000

IS - Ethnic Studies6100000000

IS - Women's Studies9000000000


English (Education)19611100000

English (Literary Studies)73647155445061414243

English (Teach the Lang Arts)43616566594957485045

English (Writing Practices)1011049497977878816759

ENSTEnvironmental Studies0154883100126127128136118



History (Education)40433737384051453732

Social Science (Education)4110000000

INTLINTL Std Global Cultural Stds0000312108911

INTL Std Latin American Stds0000264358

INTL Std Third World Dev Stds00004648911

INTL Studies Chinese Studies0000042254

INTL Studies European Studies00004598811

IS-INTL- Chinese Studies81283300000

IS-INTL- Cultural Studies10886311000

IS-INTL- European Studies757161486000

IS-INTL- Globalization Studies4024143021000

IS-INTL- International Studies713128200000

IS-INTL- Intl Business Studies101142100000

IS-INTL- Latin Amer Studies151214131063000

IS-INTL- Postcolonial African6411100000

IS-INTL-Third World Dev Stud0045862000

IS-INTLGlobal Cultural Studies0049547200

International Studies0000936353


Journalism (Broadcast News)264344291331000

Journalism (Media Studies)14141691143000

Journalism (News-Editorial)333638241150000

Journalism (Public Relations)17273329232525121816

Journalism News000001323304852


Music (Composition)5489866102

Music (Education)1212981084222

Music (General Music Studies)3221000000

Music (Performance)1823231913129799

NASNative American Studies9414471323189

Natv Amer Studies (General)6796320000

Natv Amer Studies (Lang & Lit)1110000000

Natv Amer Studies (Law & Govt)3532231000

Natv Amer Studies (NRes & Env)0001213000

Natv Amer Studies (Soc & Cult)4521010000


POLIPolitical Sci(Env & Sustain)000000310108

Political Sci(Global Politics)00000051076

Political Sci(Law & Policy)00000012222933

Political Science124112114103888883604643

RSReligious Studies35332930263126182015

SOCCriminology & Justice Studies0085167227223214214195169



IS - Dance Studies37302521202121191512

Theatre Arts002031424736343830

Theatre, Film & Dance (Dance)1200000100

Theatre, Film & Dance (Film)5151226420000

Theatre, Film & Dance(Theatre)38502618731000


French & Francophone Studies232215121081612118



Spanish (Education)2415114100000

Biology (Biodiversity)1000000000

Biology (Cellular/Molecular)13614318017616716315011110191

Biology (Ecol & Biodiversity)2537606956575140218

Biology (Ecology)2095100002836

Biology (Environmental)4535404031303328125

Biology (General)161170150138147142142116109108

Biology (Marine)222235241232204183148152136119

Biology (Microbiology)16294345393933272019

Biology (Science Education)781011121491598

Biology (Special)3311000000




Chemistry (Biochemistry)26363040587368665444

Chemistry (Environ Toxicology)1000000000

CSComputer Information Systems12000000000

Computer Science546999122159178165145130115

ENGREnvironmental Resources Engr314299300283263275263244222169

ESMEMP Environ Educ & Interpretn4354524246451100

EMP Environ Nat Res Planning2739474559442000

EMP Environ Nat Res Recreation2829384035346010

Environ Sci & Mngnt (Eco Resto000000188177185148

Environ Sci & Mngnt (Env P&P)00000088706960

Environ Sci & Mngnt (Geos Sci)00000029262416

Environ Sci & Mngnt(En & Clim)00000056483323

Environ Sci & Mngnt(Env & NRR)00000031393734

Environ Sci & Mngnt(Env Ed &I)00000058624836

Environmental Managemnt & Prot2119231611254100

Environmental Sci (Ecological12314717016617619712100

Environmental Sci (Energy and6370565858574000

Environmental Sci (Environment5056485048537100

Environmental Sci (Ethics)1000000000

Environmental Sci (Geospatial)0052027253000

Environmental Sci (Technology)4200000000

Environmental Science6331423444596000

Environmental Science & Mgmt0000001000

NRPI - GIS & Remote Sensing2100000000

Nat Res Plng & Interp (Interp)7330000000

Nat Res Plng & Intr (Planning)7300000000

Nat Res Plng & Intrp (Ind Des)3000000000

Nat Resources Plng & Interptn1000000000

Nat Resources Recreation12400000000

FISHFisheries Biol (Aquaculture)2000000000

Fisheries Biology2528141417128300

Fisheries Biology (Freshwater)31292830313032313631

Fisheries Biology (Marine)38273940363945332315


Forestry (Conservation)000014345037153

Forestry (Forest Operations)19263023251722292111

Forestry (Hydrology)22273231302624181916

Forestry (Production Mgmt)6200000000

Forestry (Resource Conserv)2433412919147200

Forestry (Resources Mgmt)0010000000

Forestry (Restoration)0000000192924

Forestry (Soils)8111719212119191818

Forestry (Tribal Forestry)0000000001

Forestry (Wildland Fire Mgmt)48545153555550586966

Range Res Sci (Wildland Soils)131824232318161796

Rangeland Resource Science14162327242425282217

Wildland Fire Management1000000000


Geology (Geoscience Education)1000000000

Geology (Geoscience)813151614917241810


Mathematics (Applied)29241322232328252622

Mathematics (Education)35312834252126242318


PHYXPhysical Science0000000004


Physics (Applied)5752100000

Physics (Astronomy)16132930322933282623

WLDFWLDF(Conserv Bio/App Vert Eco)1181241371151209080889095


Wildlife (Mgmt & Conservation)237248308299279237244229214252
CPSATIndust Tech (Constr. Mgmt)1100000000

Indust Tech (Indust Design)5200000000

Indust Tech (Mfg & Oper Mgmt)2000000000

Industrial Tech (Tech Mgmt)1000000000

Industrial Technology6000000000

BUSBus Adm (New Venture Mgmt)00000000058

Business Admin (Accounting)85848997102107107978160

Business Admin (Finance)27454154614653535254

Business Admin (International)2028433556553830237

Business Admin (Management)12513215213513416315913310538

Business Admin (Marketing)68829510811810812113511091

Business Administration1281048990928263473636

Business Admn (Economics)000005116910

CDCD & Fam Rel - Child & Fam Svc0000000007

CD & Fam Rel - Special Studies00000000018

CD & Fam Rel - Teaching00000000011

Liberal St-Child Dev-Elem Ed158915431486

Liberal Studies-Child Develop1421621721621771791631279955


EDUCLiberal Studies-Elementary Ed14213612013113214116213811294

KRAKinesi (Exer Sci/Wellness Mgt)2100000000

Kinesiology (Athl Training Ed)0000100000

Kinesiology (Education)76605760525147323023

Kinesiology (Ex Sci/Hlth Prom)12417921121222221519816311998

Kinesiology (Pre-Phys Therapy)140132157170195201180154137116

Liberal Studies-Recreation Adm14411298105723416400

Recreation Administration0000316074807552


Nursing Pre-Major31710000000


SWSocial Work149168192200212190165171165170
GENSTGSInterdisciplinary Studies1110000000

Liberal Studies5300100000

UNDACourseMatch UGRD000183102614